Learn how to manifest anything you want in your life with my 6+ hour long audio masterclass.

The truth is many people find that they are working and working and working — and still attracting things they DON’T want.

It’s exhausting. We spend a lot of time feeling disappointed and wondering why it is happening and how to fix it.

But my discovery a decade ago revealed that those are why and how are the wrong questions to ask.

By studying the chakras, I pieced together a map showing me WHERE to go –

WHERE to go to find and unblock the hidden, long forgotten roots of blocked passion, blocked deserving, blocked self-belief, blocked power, blocked courage, blocked confidence and blocked action.

Each of these HUGE contributors to how and what we manifest on a daily basis from love to health to money!

The good news is that if you struggle with owning your power and manifesting your dreams – I can tell you that the where to go deeper is in the lower chakras first, then up through the upper chakras!

(Yes, healing and unblocking our chakras allows empowerment energy to flow upwards)

To complement my deep chakra work in the 7 Levels of Manifestation Program, I have created a special audio masterclass with 6+ hours of in depth teaching and unblocking tapping through chakras 1-4, complete with real time comments and questions from people experiencing the powerful work.


Unlock and Unleash the 7 Sacred Energies of Manifestation

Join me now in my best program…at a special price:

Together, chakra by chakra we will heal the roots of the blocked chakra energy that is manifesting what you DON’T want and OPEN the 7 Levels of empowered manifestation.

This deeper Chakra Healing work is the key to how manifestation is supposed to work and CAN work for you! This is not something you have to learn or figure out, or magic I will give you…

I will walk you through the pathway to CLAIMING your unique and sacred energy needed to manifest every aspect aspect of your life – from money, to new career, to deeper relationships and yes, even a healthy body!

Join me in this audio series and let me LEAD you WHERE to tap away blocks and barriers to money, wealth, being rich, prosperity and the buried emotions that limit your ability to create your life the way you want it to be!

Where to Unlock and Unleash – Blocked chakra energy that manifests life patterns of “I never feel safe” – filled with scarcity, fear, anxiousness, disappointment… instead of actual wealth, ease, strength and security.

Where to Unlock and Unleash – Blocked chakra energy that manifests life patterns of “work hard, do it all myself, never be weak” – filled with sacrificing, “soldiering on”, frustration and NO receiving, NO reward.

Where to Unlock and Unleash – Blocked chakra energy that manifests life patterns of “doing, giving, achieving, hoping for reward” – filled with procrastination and fear of criticism when trying to SHINE with your true greatness and charge your worth boldly.

Where to Unlock and Unleash – Blocked chakra energy that manifests life patterns of “disappointed in myself because I should have done it better, known better, been stronger” – filled with striving to prove you’re good enough instead of feeling deserving right now.

Is my chakra work right for you?

Yes if you are anything like Beth….

My client Beth worked super hard at building the perfect foundation for her business.

She was SO smart.

She spent years doing all the right trainings and getting all the right certificates, but the clients just weren’t lining up and as a result, her income sagged far beneath her goals.

Despite all of the inner work she did and all the money spent on marketing techniques, Beth just couldn’t get ahead.

Her feet felt cemented to the ground, mainly the ground in front of her computer, and she kept thinking that SHE must be the problem.

Why were Beth’s strategies not working to “un-freeze” her? What ELSE could she possibly do to get into confident action?

If this sounds like you and if you’re feeling just as stuck as Beth was,, I want you to realize: THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU!

The real reason this happens to people like you and Beth is NOT because you need to work harder, give more or..

… that you don’t want it enough. (Oh it really bugs me when people throw that around!)

The truth is the very “Empowerment Energy” needed to get you in action – bold, passionate, enthusiastic action – is blocked regardless of how smart you are.

WHERE is this powerful energy stuck and blocked? WHERE are the roots to this problem?

The root are hidden in your lower chakras!

I want to show you WHERE to go to unblock and unleash your biggest firehose of energy so you can HEAL what’s really stopping you from stepping up and being seen in a bigger way —which always results in a BIGGER income, excitement and bottomline – creating your life YOUR way.

Because Beth could see some of the ways she may have been holding herself back, but the ACTUAL source was hidden from her thinking brain.

The actual source and the key to transformation was in her chakras!

This is exactly why she needed to learn the 7 Sacred Energies of Manifestation!

Once she was able to expose what really held her back, she finally found her lower chakra energy!

The power, charisma and ENERGY to be the Rock Star she always wanted and NEEDED to be!

She could feel it and… everyone around her could suddenly feel it too! Now she had her smarts and a powerful charismatic, passionate presence…and that drew clients quickly!

And her limits were no longer robbing the world of her very unique gifts…or robbing her of a fabulous income!

I want you to experience that same thing!

Join me now in my best program…


JOIN NOW and experience the true energies of your chakras…from deep, profound healing to empowerment, confidence and boldly manifesting your life!

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