At the height of her topping the charts, Rolling Stone magazine declares Lady Gaga goes minimalist. The summed up their review of the pop sensation’s new video for her hit song Edge of Glory as “boring!”. Yes, boring, even though they describe the video in which she “struts in what looks like a dominatrix swimsuit”.

Rolling Stone says, “It’s Gaga’s tamest video to date; it’s also her bravest. For once in her life, she flirts with the edge of boring.”

Wow, imagine that! Imagine being so fearlessly over-the-top outrageous on such a regular basis that performing in a “dominatrix swimsuit” gets called boring. Seriously! Just as interesting, they seem to respect this toned down move as actually taking courage…for her, that is.

Let’s think about this for a minute, because his is what it looks like to carry incredible energetic power in your 3rd chakra!

The negative vow we make at the 3rd chakra is to be small, invisible, to serve instead of lead, and never, NEVER seem self-focused by standing out too much and touting our own horn. So we have established Lady Gaga does NOT have this vow.

Just for a minute let’s put aside any judgment you may have about how over-the-top she is (and what she wears) …and think about what that would be like.

How crazy, cool and fun would that be to THAT free? To have that much courage to express yourself will absolutely feel like freedom. To have relief from the vows and the fears about standing out and saying, “I am a rock star in my mission!” does feel like incredible, intoxicating freedom.

Imagine if we could borrow about an eighth of that…even just and eighth…and step into that freedom, self-expression and 3rd chakra power. Oh yes, I will take an eighth, Gaga, and I won’t waste it, I promise. I will use that fearless big energy and blast it into my mission! Pretty cool, right?

Now imagine Rolling Stone or some other magazine calls you something…dumb, ugly, boring, weird. Something unkind. Now what? Third chakra strength means you DO NOT change or adjust who you are for ANYONE’S opinion. Do you think Gaga cares what they say? Sure it might hurt, but she’s NOT changing who she is and I am sure she does get over it! WOW, intense huh?

It’s interesting to take our personal fears about being seen and criticized and blowing them up to whole bigger scale …to Gaga scale! Puts things into a fun and interesting perspective!

So my challenge to you this week is to take an eighth…a Gaga eighth and carry it, live in, enjoy it and feel the freedom and powerfulness of it. Give your third chakra the permission, maybe just for the day, to shine out like the sun from every pore in your body! Be fearless, uniquely YOU and let it be seen.

Remember, it is not actually required that you wear a dominatrix swimsuit, that part is optional!