Hi All,

Today I have for you 2 things, can you handle that on a Friday?

First a quick video clip where I reveal my simple and fun trick for committing to taking action WHILE I am in the process of procrastinating! If you sometimes procrastinate too, you can laugh at me and try it anyway! (only 2.5 mins!)

Secondly, some ridiculous (but effective) tapping in a short video where I reveal what is really going on when we procrastinate or “rebel” against our own goals and mission. A fun way to get focused and back to creating your vision!

After using this trick and tapping, you have my permission to take the rest of the day off… because I know you will be twice as energized and committed on Monday!


PS. These clips are from my live event Ignite Your Power March 2012…are you ready to be there live this year? it’s going to ROCK, check it out here: