Today I was rearranging my office and cleaning
out the old, organizing the new. Guess I have
the back to school vibe going!

I came across a handwritten page of my personal
tapping that I thought I would share with you.
These are tapping phrases that are very personal
to me and got me through a lot of tough times.

As I was leaving the corporate world and trying
to be a coach, I had to start from zero…no clients,
no income. It was difficult to have faith sometimes
in whether or not I could even get enough clients
to start never mind my crazy goal of reaching
thousands and publishing books.

So…when I started to lose faith, doubt myself,
doubt the law of attraction…doubt I would ever
reach my dreams, I would start tapping.

I knew I had to shift and shift fast.

Do you ever feel that way?

I think it would be pretty hard to be human
and not feel like this sometimes. Those are
tough moments, and if they linger too long…we
can get lost in them and lose our way.

So today I typed up the tapping I had written
out on this page and offer it to you, maybe
it will help you in one of those tough moments
of fear and challenges of faith.

And maybe it will remind you that you are not
alone, we all struggle with these moments, but
with presence and attention…and some tapping…
they will pass and miracles will flow!

I think, in some way, these affirmation-like
tapping phrases were like my prayers or my
spiritual practice. I do know that they would
take me from doubt and fear to presence and
wholeness, and then all the way back to the
“YES, I can do this!” excitement!

And from THAT place and that vibe, I took action
and attracted miracles.

I hope you like them, they are below!


To use these tapping phrases, I often tap just a few of
my favorite tapping points.

Note: You could start any of these tapping phrases
with “even though I am freaking out, overwhelmed
and have NO faith right now….”

Tapping on your favorite points at your own pace:

I chose to all my innate, God-given brilliance to
shine out into the world for the highest good of all.
I let go of all the “how’s and when’s” and focus on
giving my gifts at the highest level.

It is my intention to allow divine guidance to
lead me to my highest purpose in life in the
way that is perfectly suited to my desires,
my personality and innate abilities.
I am divinely guided, blessed, safe, abundant.
The steps WILL appear before me just as I need them.

It is my intention to be, in some way, a light
of healing, inspiration and transformation for
others, my family, my friends, clients and future
clients and everyone who reads my work or hears
me speak.
I surrender all the things I “need” to happen
and remember this.

I put my faith in the divine wisdom of the
universe abundantly providing for me as I am
always guided to my life’s purpose.
I remember that that divine loves and supports
me always.

In joy, I am creating everything in my life
every day, in every moment.
I am a powerful creator!

I feel joyous anticipation about what is on its
way to me, excited anticipation about what
will happen next.
From this place, I am a powerful magnet
drawing to me all that I need to fulfill my
life purpose.