Today I have a fun video we created about your 6th chakra and how it relates to new discoveries about butterflies and their unusual “GPS system”. This is important because when you don’t understand how your 6th chakra operates, you can run headfirst into a painful wall. Ouch! Yes, it will kick your butt!

Now, be forewarned…in this video, I am played by what looks like an avatar from the WiiFit video series…you have to see it!

After watching the video, try out this awesome tapping script to enhance the gifts of clarity and vision of your 6th chakra!

I seriously need to tap on…

Let’s take the above topic on whether or not we really want to receive the gift of clarity and vision of our 6th chakra gps system! Tune into that picture again of seeing yourself in your life from 20,000 ft. and first imagine you could see with sparkling clarity and love your true nature, your true gifts. On a scale of 1 -10, how miraculous are you? Secondly, look at those around you…are you seeing people who are saying YES to you being you and YES to your gifts? Or are you seeing how stuck you are?

Tapping through all the points you like:
(first, we address anything not so hot…)

There I am
I mean I guess I am okay
I think I am pretty special
But I have a lot of filters in my vision
Self-talk and beliefs that say, “you’re NOT that special”
It’s sad to feel that
From this view, I don’t stand out
Many people tell me I have something special
But I seem to have blurred out that clarity
Because when I look at myself
I don’t really see a sparkling light
I see myself through my fears, through my wounds
I have painted over the clear vision with old stories
Wow, there’s some pain in that…
And I see some people around me who are
Demanding I stay that way,
Want me to stay small and stuck
Really happy that I give my power away,
Not willing to value my gifts
Might even be angry if I change!
No wonder I chose to stay in a fog sometimes
Going along doing and doing without clarity and vision
I am just going to honor this
And honor my beautiful 6th chakra
And I am so open to healing and clearing it
As one of my divine gifts!

(recheck the picture as even this negative type tapping will brighten things up, repeat loudly if needed and move on to some positives)

Well there I am
I am open to seeing myself as I am
Not just through my fears
I am open to seeing my spectacular being
And unique and needed gifts
I look down now and let my 6th chakra show me
The light of my very soul, beautiful, eternal, connected!
Yes, there are some in my life who can’t see me
Who literally can’t see my gifts
Well, they can’t see their own either, I see that now.
But I am now opening up my vision and seeing my location
I am actually connected through time and space
To an infinite number of people who do see me
Who want to see me, who LOVE me
And value my gifts. WOW! I am so grateful for them!
So many I have not even met yet!
But I now have the vision that I will…yes, I will!
I have been in a fog focusing on changing and battling
All those who can’t see me,
I could not see with clarity
That there are so many more on their way to me!
Just for minute, I am open to the gifts of my 6th chakra
Painting me the most beautiful map of who I am
And where I am going
And all the AMAZING and beautiful souls
That I will meet on this journey…on my journey
As I open this gift, this level of consciousness
I see the big picture, the divine unfolding!
I step into the power of Clarity, Vision and Faith!