Well, after my last email and video process on how to attract and manifest cool people to support you and your mission, I got a lot of great feedback and requests. Many of the requests were for this “opposite” process that I promised, on how to take someone that really triggers you and drains your energy and make them disappear!

Someone like maybe, hmm, I don’t know… an angry or negative jerk?…got one of those in mind?

Well, as mysterious as “make them disappear” may sound, of course we won’t actually make them disappear.…but this is what really happens and with a video on how to do it!

I wish I could say I fully understand why this is so effective and I have some theories, but what matters is that it works, often dramatically on both you AND the other person. The first part makes sense, because in using this process, you will totally change and shift how much you are triggered by this other person. This will put you more grounded in your center, more in control, less reactive and stop your energy from draining around them.

However the second benefit took me by surprise when I created this process years ago, but hundreds of anecdotal stories later…I am a believer. The second benefit appears when you come into contact with that person again and they act and seem different. It’s just weird. In a large percentage of feedback I get, the “angry jerk” will be kinder, more reasonable, even apologetic and complimentary…literally out of the blue!

I think there is a drastic shift in the field between the two of you because suddenly all of the energy and intensity you have been “pushing back” into that field in reaction to them…is gone. Also gone is a big chunk of your pattern of reacting to them while you suddenly stay more present. Even the most unconscious “angry jerk” subject can be affected by this massive energy shift in the field and by being in the presence of someone who is holding a higher level of consciousness within themselves – observing more than reacting. And, all of a sudden, they act differently toward you, and you toward them.

Anyway, try it for yourself on a boss, co-worker, relative or “frenemy” and leave a comment on youtube with the results! (Just remember the comments are public so let’s not name any names!)

Here is the video I made for you on youtube with this process “how to make an angry jerk disappear”

I look forward to your feedback!


PS YES, you can vary this process and use it on someone you love that might not be an angry jerk, but that may push your buttons around certain things. The results will be just as dramatic – deeper connection, friendship, understanding and communication! I use it this way to keep little annoyances from becoming the isolating walls that can eat away at close relationships.