We’ve all seen a movie where the star has an, “I’m just being honest for a second” moment in front of an audience.

While everyone stares on horrified (everyone in movies presumably hates honesty), one person begins to clap slowly. Somehow, that sound alone is enough to convince everyone else that, oh yeah, they also enjoyed that crazy honesty that just happened.

Gradually, it swells into a massive applause as the opinion of everyone in attendance shifts 180 degrees simultaneously.

Remember this one?

The slow clap as a concept seems absurd; an entire crowd of people convinced they like something just by hearing one person clap! Seriously?

But, it actually happens to crowds all the time and there is real psychology behind it.

Turns out, even the most opinionated and judgmental people in the world are susceptible to the power of group energy. One of the most prominent researchers in crowd psychology, Gustave Le Bon says that when people come together in crowds, they start to identify with the group instead of as an individual. The opinions of the crowd become the opinions of each person like a mass hypnosis.

In other words, every minute change in the crowd’s energy has a ripple effect on the collective conscious and can determine the thoughts and opinions of the rest of the group.

While this sometimes manifests itself in riots or acts of violence, it can also be an incredibly positive effect like with the “slow clap”. A single person clapping in a crowd can immediately trigger the same response from everyone else because they are subconsciously serving the interest of the group, until finally, everyone is in unified agreement that they love whatever just happened.

Now that is cool!

Think about times in your day when you are surrounded by people who are complaining, tearing down someone or being generally negative. Yes, we all deal with it! But the slow clap effect reminds us the power we have as an individual who is CONSCIOUS to make a different choice.

In that moment, YOU have the power to choose to embody, exude, vibrate with positive power, love, enthusiasm, brilliance. Or maybe just humor (I use that one a lot!) In that moment, YOU change everything…and the ripple effect will be felt by everyone, either consciously or unconsciously!

Truly an invisible act of power….and that totally rocks!