Well my email last week really had an impact, lots of comments!

So let’s build on that!

Because I want you and I to see if you really do have a dormant supernova that can be unleashed.

Exciting and kind of scary too, right? And..oh yes, we are going there!

Because shining with ALL your light is what you are being called to do and you must remind yourself, there are so many people waiting for you to finally do it (so they can find you!)

So based on the last process, assuming that in some way you have been holding back some of your beautiful energy, what would you estimate the balled-up energy would be like?

What would you GUESS is still lying dormant within you? That has been – like potential energy.

How big is that energy? What’s the potential?

So picture yourself, standing there owning a supernova sized power that is like a ball in your core, just waiting to explode! And imagine what it would feel like to hold that in your core and be totally aware of it, the energy of it, the power, the potential.

Wow, right? Okay let’s tap that in!

Tapping Through the Points:

Wow, this is a lot of energy
Wow, I have a lot that I am holding
I honor the past and the reasons I have hidden this.
I honor my habit and sadness about that.
Everything I gave up
Because I couldn’t show me or this big energy
I sacrificed my brilliance.
I lost my voice.
I lost a part of me.
And every time I hide this big supernova
Behind the scenes
I lose a piece of me
But I’m open to healing this
And forgive myself
For doing the best I knew how
And I now allow myself to feel this big energy
And let it move out and shine
For the highest good of me
And for everyone I touch
It’s big and it’s building
It’s strong, it’s warrior energy
It’s soft and it’s loving energy
It’s kick ass and it’s playful energy
It’s filled with my prayer and highest intention
And it’s filled with my desires and joys
This big supernova
Ready to burst!

And I now also commit
To telling anyone who will listen
To shine brightly too

My big energy is right now
My life is right now
What am I going to do next?
What happens in the world
If I start shining?
Cities could explode (ya, really!)
If I really start shining.
I wonder if the world’s ready for me?

I wonder if the world is ready for my gifts?
I wonder if the world is WAITING for my gifts?
I wonder if the world is ready for my personality?
I wonder if the world is ready for my passion?
I wonder if the world is ready for my big heart?
I wonder if the world is ready for me to speak the truth?

Oh well it better get ready…because I am exploding!

P.S. If you are knowing you need MORE of this work on your power but you missed jumping in on The 7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation, send Kimberly an email at support@margaretlynchraniere.com and we will get you in to be with me live this Friday on the Q&A call!