Fabulous Coach Tip – Get Your Clients Out of Their Head

This video is for you coaches and it’s some quick tips to help you get your clients more in […]

FUN, SCARY, EXCITING…..and Find Great Clients!

I wanted to share a video I made with a FABULOUS marketing tip on where to go to get not […]


This note today is only for you if you are an expert and looking to grow your clients and […]

This Is Exciting and Irritating (You’re Welcome!)

Ready to be excited and maybe slightly agitated? It’s for a good cause!

It’s about YOU setting your sights higher, […]

Tapping Actions That Lead to Something Big!

Today I just had to send you out a fabulous tapping and/or meditation that is totally focused on helping […]

Money Flows and Things Change When You Start Doing This (Are You Brave?)

Okay, okay, let’s just say up front, this email is not about any of the passive things we do […]

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Ready To WoW Them At Hello? A Script To Make It Easy!

I’ve really got something amazing this time. A simple formula – a script – that will CURE any resistance […]

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How Anger Can Actually Enhance Abundance

I just LOVE anger in Law of Attraction work! Now, why would anyone love anger?

Because for a […]

Explode Your Visibility with this 12/12/12 Strategy!

Today’s tip video is about a special strategy that allows you to explode your visibility easily because is leveraged […]

Clear Your Resistance To Miracles

Clear your resistance to miracles!

Is it hard to believe that miracles are unfolding all around you…daily? That […]

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