Today I have a cool tapping script and even cooler video to explain it!

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Okay, are you ready to ROCK up your personal power today and step into your STAR QUALITY?

We took one of my favorite articles (about one of my favorite movie moments) and jazzed it up with some cool graphics! Check out the short video here so you are ready for the fabulous tapping script below!

And then you can say, “Watch Out World, Here I Come!”

Here is your tapping script!

Start tapping on the Karate Chop point:

Even though I have been playing the “best friend”
character in my own movie, a secondary, supporting
role, I love and honor myself right now.
Even though I say I would love to be the leading
lady/man, I know exactly how to play this lesser
character and I know the role perfectly! (And my audience has cast me this way and they won’t like it if I change)
Even though I feel stuck in a role that is small, under the radar, practically invisible, I am afraid to seem too full of myself, too selfish…nobody likes a diva!
This is a conflict!

Continue tapping through the points:

This role is what I know
I don’t have to be responsible for the whole movie!
That’s a lot of responsibility that I am letting others carry
For my life, my happiness, my individuality
I am letting others, and the rules of the script, run my movie
I really pine to step into center stage
I would love to be the star for once
But it’s hard and I feel stuck
Besides no one else wants to change roles!
But this is my own movie, it’s my life!
And it’s rolling by on the screen
And I am born to star in it, it was custom made for me!
But while I play small, it’s gone off track
And feels like a weekly repeat of a B sitcom!
Same script, no progress…I am DONE with this!
I literally do and say the same things every week!
I am stepping up, I’m the leading lady/man, Dang it!
I am running the show, I am taking the lead!
I am placing my feet on the ground
Letting my first chakra swell with solid grounded energy and power
And I am building on that foundation with desire
With excitement, with enthusiasm
I am putting my foot down! It’s my time now!
I am building on that foundation with a healthy script of “I deserve to be the LEAD!”
Thundering in my voice!
I am letting that big energy flow up through my system
Through all my chakras
With passion, power, enthusiasm and charisma
That is my BIRTHRIGHT!
I am totally owning it …RockStar style!
This is my movie and I am rocking it
I am the leading lady/man!
Watch Out Here I Come!