Bonuses for Inner Circle Members

– You will find links to bonus products and downloads here. As always, if you have any questions please check the FAQ’s or if your question isn’t answered there send an e-mail to

Wild Summer Spirit

Wild Summer Spirit – this page has links to the Wild Summer Spirit class recordings as well as the bonus meditations made available to participants of the Wild Summer Spirit program.

Crystal Bowl Recordings

These are BEST used by downloading them and then burning to a CD to listen to on the best stereo that you have available.

Crystal Bowl 12 Tones

– this recording is 12 tracks 1 minute each in length. Each track represents a different chakra or soul point. Please reference the following links:
How to Listen to the Crystal Bowls – this is a page on Rhys’ website which will reference the tones and how to find your tone using the 12 tone “cd” available below.
12 Chakra Bowls CD Specific information – Do not attempt to download from the above link, but I have provided it for your reference as it provides the track listings as well as Rhys’ instructions specifically on how to use the 12 Chakra Bowls CD – your download link is below.

Right click the image below and select “Save Link as” or “Save Target As” to download your audio. The file is a .zip file with all of the 12 tones/tracks included. The individual files are coded as tracks and will burn to a cd that way or play through your music player as the individual tracks.

Rhys Method® Crystal Bowl Extended Tones

– the following download is all 12 of the Rhys Method® Crystal Bowl tones in their extended version. It is a large zip file – 134mb – if you are unable to download, please let me know and I will get you the files in an alternate method.

Full Energetic Balance

This audio brings all of the systems of the mind, body and spirit into balance. Very peaceful and grounding.

Embracing Your Life Purpose Crystal Bowl Meditation

Touching Your Soul Crystal Bowl Meditation

Universal Love Crystal Bowl Meditation