What Does It Mean To Have A Powerful Charismatic Presence and Why Is It Important?

If you often feel like you’re not being seen or heard, if you feel like you don’t stand out […]

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How To Release Resistant Beliefs – A Special Approach and Tapping

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Is Your Family Paradigm Holding You Back From Earning a Great Income?

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Downside to Being a GREAT Manifester

YES, there is a downside to becoming a GREAT manifester…all of a sudden so much can manifest, that we […]

Losing Faith? Try this…

One day, I was rearranging my office and cleaning out the old, organizing the new! I came across a […]

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Why You Simply Have to Share Your Gift – Use this Tapping to Help!

I was recently on a call with over 3000 coaches…all doing or WANTING to do amazing work with future […]

Why Feeling Your Anger Is a Good Thing!

Do you spend endless amounts of energy trying to repress anger and rage? Are you a pro at stuffing […]

Hiding Your Personal Power? Try This!

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This is Something Nobody Wants to Talk About – Why That’s a Big Mistake!

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Sensuality – Why It’s So Important for Really Living Life

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