Clear your resistance to miracles!

Is it hard to believe that miracles are unfolding all around you…daily? That you have access to co-creating your life and your goals with the divine?
Yes, sometimes it is hard! Hey, I know it can be hard for me some days!!
Sometimes life, money and our goals can seem heavy and overwhelming! Do you ever feel like, “it’s all on me to do everything” ?
This is a great time to tap as this is a particular vibe that literally blocks miracles from showing up. When you are feeling this, it just means that for a while you have forgotten about your ability to co-creating with the divine! And we definitely want to remind ourselves of that mind, body and soul!
So let’s do that now, shall we?
First, an exercise to test for yourself:
Think about this year, think about your money
goals, wealth goals, business goals.

Now, test this phrase by saying it aloud in two ways:
“I have to make it happen.”
(with all the emphasis on ‘have’ )
Notice the feeling in that, and how true it feels.
What is the emotion?
Now say it this way with the emphasis on ‘make’.
“I have to make it happen.”
Notice the feelings in your body when you say
it that way.

Now start tapping!
Round 1: I have to make everything happen
on my own (there’s no support!)

Karate Chop Point:

Even though the truth is I have to make it
happen, it’s all on me, I’ve got to do it,
I accept all of me.

Even though I have to make this happen,
I feel that pressure, that constriction,
but I can’t just let this go! I accept all of
my feelings.

Even though the truth is, it’s all me.
There’s no one supporting me, no miracles
showing up. I have to make this happen.
Otherwise I will fail, and that will be
all on me. I love and accept myself anyway.

Tapping Through the Points:

It is all on me.
It’s always been on me.
I can’t just trust.
I can’t let go.
That would be slacking off
I have to make this happen,
Make it happen with my will,
With my own two hands,
My blood sweat and tears.
It’s exhausting,
But I keep doing it.
I’ve got to make this happen.
Not a lot of fun in that.
A lot of pressure,
A lot of desperation,
Always battling failure.
So much at stake.
I can’t just trust in the Universe
That would be crazy
I’ve got to do it
It’s all me.

Wow, that was some heavy stuff! That
likely brought up some emotion. So, now
let’s tap through another round…

Round 2: I am open to the Divine
co-creating with me!

Karate Chop Point:

Even though I’ve built a life making
stuff happen and I often say, oh I’ll
just do it myself, I usually do it better,
and I do it to my standards, I’m open
to the idea that there’s a conflict in this
for me. Because I’m not very open to help.

Even though I love getting stuff done,
I love making great things happen, I’m open
to the idea, that I could be an amazing achiever,
and have an open window to streams the Divine
brilliance, Divine guidance, inspiration, even
miracles. That makes all my achieving fun.

Even though I’ve operated this way for a
long time, saying, “No thanks, I got it. I’ve
got to do it all myself.” I’m now opening a window,
and I’m propping it open with a stick, so I
can’t close it easily. This window is open to
the Divine co-creating with me. I actually
don’t need to do everything myself.

The truth is I can’t always see the big
picture. I don’t really know the mind of
God. Maybe the Divine is trying to give me
more than I’ve even dreamed of.

Tapping Through the Points:

I’ve been doing it this way for a long time.
If I trust and let go,
Would I judge myself a slacker?
Or naïve?
I wonder what would happen,
If I open this window
And allowed the Divine
To stream into my life,
Bringing me more brilliance,
More inspiration,
Absolute miracles,
Co-creating with me.
I wonder how that would feel.
I wonder how it would feel in my body,
To achieve that way.
This would feel different.
REALLY different.

I surrender a bit a of my control
I surrender a bit of my old story
I surrender a bit of achieving ego
I open to help
I open to miracles
I open the divine co-creating with me!

WOW, that feels much better! Now, instead of
saying “I have to make it happen.”
Now try saying it this way:
“I love making it happen and watching
the universe line up MIRACLES to
support every step I take!”