Hey everyone,

Today I have another fabulous tip for all of you coaches who want to help your clients achieve their goals! In this video I’m going to give you an insider secret: the method I use in my very own program to get my clients motivated, inspired, and activated!!

Every coach, no matter what field, has their clients visualize and commit to achieving their end goal… but is that enough?? Can you do MORE for your clients to help them take an active role in their own success?

Click below to find out how I do it, and how you can start doing it too!

This tip is for coaches who help their clients go on a journey to get to a different place and achieve some benefit. You may have a method you use to help your clients get there, but I promise you my method will be a true game changer for you!

I want you to institute it into becoming something you always do with every client, because it’s incredibly important. My method will help you bring even more energy, focus and consciousness to the goals that your client wants you to help them achieve.

So now, onto the method. I can’t imagine any coach that wouldn’t start with a client setting a goal that the client wants to create. This is the sacred duty of the coach: to help the client identify, organize, and achieve their goal!

However, when we sit down with a client in my program, we do not only make a list of their bigger, milestone goals. We also make a second set of goals, called ACTION GOALS.

Most people want to celebrate the big goals, like achieving that weight loss, finally receiving their desired income, or accomplishing the talk or event that they had wanted to present.

The reality is there are a LOT of steps along the way to get there! All the actions the client takes on the way to achieving that end goal are the EXACT things that will make that goal happen, and they are just as important.
In my program, we put focus and intention, consciousness and discussion on the fact that there are specific actions that the client is going to take that will literally lead them to their goal. For example, these actions could be showing up to their coaching sessions, and doing the exercises and the specific steps you tell them to take.

By creating action goals, you are helping your client celebrate every time they take an action that leads to the goal. That way, they can achieve tiny milestones of success along the pathway to their bigger goal! This will increase their feelings of productivity and positivity, and help them mark their progress.

However, as much as you can teach, encourage, and inspire them, you can’t actually force them to take those steps. This is where our accountability statement comes in.

When we work with clients in my program, the coach and the client both sign an accountability statement.

The coach’s statement goes something like this:

“As a coach it is my ethical and sacred duty to give you everything I know how to do, to help you get you from point A to point B. When you set your goals, I take them incredibly seriously and it is my job to help you reach those goals. Part of my sacred duty is to hold you accountable to doing the very actions that will make your goal happen.”

Then the client signs an accountability agreement as well:

“I agree to allow myself to be held accountable to the very actions that will make my goal happen.”

The best part is that signing this agreement encourages the client to be so much more self-responsible for their part in getting to their goal. This is important both for clients who do well in their pursuit, and for clients who don’t.

When your client does well, you want them to celebrate how accomplished they feel: yes they got help from you, but they did it! They took those steps that got them to the place they wanted to be! It was difficult, but they persevered and really learned how to self-identify and self-motivate.

When the client doesn’t do well, you want them to accept the fact that, for whatever reason, they didn’t take the steps to get there. This way, it’s not a grand failure for the client or the coach. They literally just didn’t take the correct actions to get there.

That is a key learning experience for that client. They will understand that when they are ready, when they have the time, space or energy, they will be ready to take the action and achieve that goal.

Sounds a lot better and more productive than the blame game, doesn’t it?

So, try creating these ACTION GOALS with your clients, and remember to hold them accountable for taking those steps along the way to reach their goals.

Starting this way will allow you both to put clear focus on the pathway towards getting to the end goal, and things will progress a lot smoother.

This will also help your client gain a deeper understanding of your sacred role as their ROCKSTAR coach…and they will LOVE you for it!