Did You Know … ?

Okay, if you thought my last article on anger was
unexpected, how about a new way to look at complaining?

Complaining is both universally used and detested by
pretty much everyone.

Nobody likes to hear it, but we all do it in our own
unique way AND there is one universal truth about

While you are doing it, you feel really, REALLY justified!

I know I do!

Yes, complaining does have a dark and pretty aweful
downside and that is why everyone (and every guru)
will tell you to ZIP IT and stop complaining.

I totally understand why.

But Tapping has the strange ability to let us go into and
examine even really negative emotions and behaviors in
a way that creates great transformation and higher levels
of consciousness.

Yes, it is THAT powerful!

So I am going to shine a new little light on complaining,
even at the risk of being misunderstood, and even give
you a complaining exercise to try on purpose.

First you have to understand why we complain.

Complaining is always tied to something that felt or still
feels unfair, like a “slight” that triggered some anger or

But that unfairness and accompanying annoyance gets stuck
because there is often no one to really direct it at, it
just never gets validated and there seems to be no way
to set things right. Plus these things are often subtle
to start and can feel like an imbalance in work or
relationship or luck that snowballs into real unfairness.

So the things we complain about often feel like an
overwhelming pattern…the same dang thing!

When we can’t get empowered energy gets stuck and sometimes
leaks out as complaining.

This gets worse when we have unconscious vows to be perfectly
giving or perfect in any way because it means we can’t speak
up when the little imbalances that turn into unfair situations
start happening.

Knowing this we can try a radical approach and use tapping to
voice complaining as a pathway to being heard and validated
(by ourselves first) , clear out the anger and resentment and
move to the energy of empowerment.

This is why I highly recommend that when you feel complaining

Start tapping and be present with it.

Pretend you are your own MOST sympathetic friend nodding and
agreeing, and really let the complaining fly.

WOW, will that feel fabulous and you will notice how right
and justified you feel!

Just like anger, you can add in the words “this feels so
unfair, I was wronged!” and let that energy rise and move
up and out of your system and your mouth!

When it does, there is something, some gift, some inspiration,
some action (and a lot of relief) on the other side of it!

Say it, once and for all and let it be heard and validated,
then you can watch for the gift.

I have had my biggest breakthroughs when I started doing this!

Before, when I felt complaining rising up, it felt so negative
and bad for the law of attraction, that I smartly pushed it
aside and renewed my efforts to keep going and stay positive.

Yes, I felt very smart and self-disciplined about it!

But one time, I was home alone and decided to just complain
and complain loudly, while tapping, about EVERYTHING.

I complained, seriously… about e-v-e-r-y-thing, to God, the
universe, the law of Attraction, fate and any passing by spirits,
angels and guides.

I yelled at them all and said a lot of “…and another thing…!”

(I am sure I sounded like a crazy person…I wonder if the angels,
spirits and guides got a chuckle.)

This let loose what felt like years of stuck complaining annoyance,
frustration and stuck-ness! And when I was done…I had changed.

Everything changed.

I had a new sense of resolve of what I really wanted and I was very
VERY clear about my stuck-ness and how frustrated it made me.

I could clearly see that there were areas in my mission and money
where I felt stuck because I was afraid and was needing to change
and grow.

I could feel very clearly that I had to let go of something…the
old way of playing small and step up big time….and I had not
wanted to.

My loud complaining brought me to an incredibly important turning
point and decision.

I was still afraid and found a lump of sadness about letting go
of the old ways…but I could not go back.

I HAD to move forward as moments of consciousness like are like
a genie that can’t be put “back in the bottle”.

They are just too powerful!

And I got there…by complaining with tapping.

Maybe I should call it tap-plaining.

So, are you ready for a moment of consciousness?

Try it!

I promise tapping makes it productive instead of destructive and
see where it brings you…



(see some safe complaining tapping below)

I Seriously Need to Tap On …

How about some tapping while complaining with the beautiful intention of
moving that energy, feeling validated, release AND finding a powerful
“aha moment”?

So just imagine that you suddenly have free license to complain about
everyone and everything in your life that is annoying you, frustrating
you, undermining you and keeping you stuck. This can be a bit scary as
some of us have become so self-disciplined about never complaining…but
try anyway!

Start by tapping the KarateChop point:

Even though I try to be positive and I can’t stand complainers, there
are so many little things that I really do find annoying

Even though I pride myself on never complaining, there are some things
that I am really right about and they justSuck!!

Even though I am a very positive person and I am afraid the universe won’t
like my complaining, the truth is, I am human and I have some crap that
I deserve to complain about dang it!

Continue tapping through any of the tapping points:

It feels kind of good to say it!

I can’t stand this ______(fill in the blank here!)

And I can’t stand that _______

It is sooooStupid

and really unfair

It really doesSuck!

And that idiot, always getting their way

But not me!

Seriously, I can’t get a break?

I see dumbDumbs getting breaks all the time

Seriously…where is my support from the universe?

Hello! Man, this is infuriating

And I am working so hard

What is the deal with that!

I am giving it my all and never get the reward!

Sometimes everything is so hard

And no one is really helping me

And no one really understands

YES, Poor ME dangit!

This really is so unfair and so wrong

And I really do deserve better

Complaining is not pretty or perfect

But I am just going to honor it

I honor this moving, releasing energy.

I honor this big stuck annoyed energy

It’s been bottled up but I am letting it fly

And most of all, I honor me!

YES, poor me, for once I would like to complain

And be really validated without judgment

(even my own judgment)

I deserve to be validated and my dissatisfaction heard!

Wow, that was even kind of fun to type. As your energy winds
down a bit, notice that the issues seem to feel less charged
and important. See what the real issue is in there…this is

What does it boil down to?

What do you want that you are being stuck around?

What behavior or habit or fear do you have to let go of to
get out of this pattern?

Let’s do a positive round:

Start by tapping the KarateChop point:

Even though I probably enjoyed that complaining too much, hey I am
human and I honor me!

Even though I feel annoyed at the whole universe, I feel a new
honesty in asking for support, Yes, universe I really REALLY want
to be supported!

Even though I value my positive, can-do attitude, I can also honor
my poor-me!

Continue tapping through any of the tapping points:

I have felt so disempowered by all these things

And really not heard

That makes it louder in my head and in my voice

It feels good to release that

And do feel much more validated

Dissatisfaction shines a light on what I really do want

I see it now, there is something I really do want


I would like more support please

I would like to have a breakthrough please

I am a bit scared and used to the old ways

But I want to step up now

And I see something has to change here

I am having a bit of courage to see my part in this

And am asking and ready really receive support on this

I have tried not to complain and to take care of it
by myself

But I really would like some help, guidance, resources

And I would like more courage and ideas and positive people

Wow, this asking thing feels different

And I commit to doing my part

Some old ways have got to go

And some new steps…well I really do have to take them now.


And my complaining will now remind me to take stock

Move some energy and ASK for what I really want.

That is a pretty good gift!

Warm Regards,

Margaret M. Lynch