How much do you really want to EARN MORE? In order to do that as a coach, expert, biz owner or employee…you will have to let people SEE you SHINE, yes stand out and be awesome!

Women often struggle with charging their worth and are often conflicted over standing out more. This comes from a deep vow to never shine or that’s it’s not safe or okay to shine.

If you’re a coach working with clients, perhaps you have run into this issue with someone you’re working with. Here’s a hint, if you haven’t cleared this in yourself, you won’t be able to clear this for a client.

TAP with me if hold yourself back from being seen and end up playing smaller than you truly are…so we can clear this VOW AWAY! I want you to shine your brightest…and that is the energy of receiving more reward in money, praise, validation and the respect you deserve for your awesomeness!

Remember to keep tapping through this video until you feel the vow to never be really seen slipping away. How will you know, you’ll be taking bigger steps in your power.

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