This special Session is scheduled for Tuesday November 16th at 11 am eastern standard time

Dial in same as weekly classes – event page: Crystal Bowl Session

Rhys will be giving you all readings based on your reactions to the 4 tones below! Please make an effort to be live on the class!


Please download each of the 4 tones below that are 2 mins each and have ready to play for the event. It is best if you can play each tone on a quality sound system in the room instead of on headphones. So you may want to burn them onto a cd in order or have on an mp3 player. You will be dialing into the teleclass but when instructed will play the tones yourself on your own system for best results. (You can play them from your computer if you have good speakers)

Crystal Bowl Tone 1
Crystal Bowl Tone 2
Crystal Bowl Tone 3
Crystal Bowl Tone 4

Please Note the designation of Tone 1, Tone 2, etc… does NOT correspond to your 12 Chakra Bowl Tones CD with the 12 tones – so please download these tones in addition to the downloads you’ve done previously.