Well this may NOT have happened to you, but maybe it did…(or maybe it will.)

If my last 2 emails and tapping triggered some GREAT feelings, even some action taking…and then a few days later a surge of self-doubt, inner critic or even worse…

Then do read on because actually, it is very common to have this happen, though not fun.

…but handling it the right way is CRITICAL to moving through it.

If you don’t handle it the right way, it will push all your energy down and make you feel more broken or lost or just depressed.

If you handle it right now with the process I give you below, you have the opportunity to change a lifelong ingrained pattern of blocking your energy and life purpose, which totally blocks your money!

Let me explain, when we do inner work that gets us excited and ready and willing to take a step forward, that step forward is usually out of a previous comfort zone. That means we are starting to, thinking about, planning to break a rule we have had for a long time.

Uh oh! Now the inner hammer drops! Suddenly we will “hear” our inner critic crank up the volume, almost yelling. Or we will wake up wracked with shame or fear and assume that is justified so the “I am not good enough” dialog seems to make perfect sense!

Sometimes we even develop a physical symptom of resistance! Yes, it can be that specific.

But the key thing to remember is this:

First the nervous system blasts out the “feelings of resistance” and THEN your thinking mind agrees with it and adds on loudly reminding you to STOP moving forward and all the evidence it has of why. It literally plays the old recorded tape louder to stop you!

So your work here is to STOP, OBSERVE, LOVE, ASK

First stop for a moment so you can observe that this voice is really loud and REALLY trying to accomplish something. And that there is a “feeling” component to it that really adds to the awful experience! Yuck!

Observe that it sounds urgent and real and true but that it is just a voice, it is one part of you, not your truth!

Then be lovingly compassionate to yourself cause this is hard, give yourself a moment to get a hug and self-recognition of that… and love yourself with that voice anyway.

This tapping will help with these 3 first steps! It will help A LOT!

Lastly, after tapping and feeling more calm, ask yourself an important question…. Even with all this what do I really, REALLY, REALLY want?

And then sit in that moment and decide anew that you are moving forward, dangit, and nothing will stop you!

Here is the tapping I created for a group of my “rock star” clients whom I just love with all my heart and I thought I would share it with you!

Tapping to shift a backlash when you start to step up!

Tapping through any points

I’ve become more aware
Of my inner voice
That I could call my inner violence
The part of me that is malicious
And ruthless
Uncompromising and mean to me
Warning me of the worst
Telling me to STOP and be afraid
The part of me
That screams at me
Loser, Failure, I suck!
The vitriol, the criticism, the warnings
all going on inside of me
It breaks me, it hurts me
Declares to the universe I don’t deserve, not yet
And that I can’t and shouldn’t step up.
That I don’t deserve stepping up
Who am I to shine?

And just for a second, I am going to observe it
The pain body
The part I carry with me every minute of the day
Never relief
And I now name it as violence
Though that seems so strong a word
Because I tell myself that it’s not hurting anyone
That I am right to be this hard on myself
Or that it’s sensible to be that guilty
Or self-critical
Its harmless I tell myself
But it’s not
It is the way I do my violence
And stop my light from shining
Silence myself
Pull myself back

Now I am calling it out
I’m observing it now and I‘m taking in the weight of this
I’ve never really looked at it this way before
But I’m taking in the gravity of this moment
I shudder at the violence I see in this world
And I’m realizing how I visit this upon myself
Somewhere I made a vow
Somewhere I learned this
And it’s played over and over like a record player on endless repeat
So as bad as it sounds, I can change it
I’m questioning whether I really deserve
and really benefit from this level of criticism
whether this level of warnings and fear
really does keep me safe
In the light of consciousness, I’m questioning because I can change it
I can challenge it
I can bring peace, forgiveness and love to it
Darkness disappears in the presence of light

Now I’ve been doing this for a long time
So I am open to help with this
And because it’s me, I can call upon the light of my very soul
And ask that light, which is me
The part of me that’s connected to the divine
I can ask that light to expand in me now and fill in some of the spaces
The holes in my field where these painful repeating phrases sit
Where this vow to contain myself sits
I am so open to divine help with this
I am open and asking for light
Divine source energy light to fill me
Expand in me
Help me forgive myself
Help me understand myself with compassion
And I will use this light to challenge this old recording, this old vow
To challenge it anew every day
Until the violence in me is a whisper
Until the violence in me is transmuted into the energy that I need for my real mission

There’s so much energy caught up in this pattern
I want to use that energy to create instead!
I’m grateful that I have this beautiful divine light in me
To support this huge shift forward
And I ask for a blessing
That tonight while I sleep this divine light will continue to support me
Release all of these old patterns
Even while I am sleeping tonight
I am breathing in light
And feeling a new energy
The energy of peace
Third Chakra peace
At one with who I am

And ready to shine
Ready to go for what I really want
My big mission, my big calling, my big dream!
Because that does not include being stuck and small!
It is big, and it is calling me and yes, I do want it!