Well, there a bit of a mix -up last week when I was booked as a guest on a Fox morning show! They welcomed me by announcing I was going to talk about new years’ resolutions AND budgeting in the new year!

Ummm…oops….Oh…. no I wasn’t!

So I started out with a bit of a blindsiding, “Actually…NO! NO to New Year’s Resolutions!” Then I said, “and…NO to lots of depressing time budgeting!”

Instead I had something better to teach! Though the host was a little thrown, and it was a bit of a train wreck for me getting my points across (he kept asking me for budgeting strategies…won’t let it go!) we worked it through. Oh live TV!

But this is too important to get lost so I made you a video with my strategies to start off 2014 in a way that will make you more money!

Check out the video here…but note, I made it fast and old fashioned way – in my office with imperfect sound and lighting (I at least put a sparkly scarf over my tee-shirt to dress up!)

The most powerful thing you can do for 2014 is not make a resolution but instead set a nice big income goal!

BUT there is a downside…because as powerful as goals are they are also incredibly triggering! Nothing will bring up all your programmed limiting beliefs as loudly and clearly as setting a big income goal…and all the stress that comes with them!

So here are my 3 top lessons and strategies to set REAL income goal for 2014 and giving yourself the gift of miraculous possibility of all the ways you can create more money this year!


P.S. If this resonates with you, please leave a comment. I love to hear from you.