Last week we had fun setting a BIGGER goal for your income and tapping away some resistance. Yes?

Well, there is a sneaky gremlin that some people have that will stop you from ever allowing yourself to:
1. Get excited about your goal
2. Believe in it (aka “get your hopes up”)

That is the death-knell to your goal because we won’t really put any energy, action or focus behind something that we are not excited about and do not believe will really happen!

Do you have this gremlin I call “goal trauma”? It is extremely important to find out! I have dedicated a whole chapter of my new book to this incredibly important topic! (due out in January called “Why Don’t I Have More Money” unless the publisher changes the title!)

Here is how you self-diagnose. Careful, if you have it, this will sting a bit.

Did you have a past event that involved a goal that you really REALLY wanted that ended up going very badly? Did you really let yourself believe it was possible (law of attraction and all that) and REALLY try to make it happen…only to be disappointed? For some, they also worked so incredibly hard to make it happen that they lost money, investments and even damaged relationships.

Okay, if you have it, just breathe and it’s okay to start tapping! When you have a “goal trauma” it is painful and changes the way you will deal with goals now. The pain of believing and trying and being terribly disappointed is HUGE! That is why I call it a trauma! (And sometimes we can add to that being wronged or betrayed, depending on the circumstances.)

The other key reason I call it a trauma is that you also come away from it trusting yourself LESS. Trusting God less. Trusting your instincts and abilities less. This means you will NOT allow yourself to believe again! Your inner skeptic will very smartly feel justified being on high alert to never repeat the past! Make sense?

But you need your belief in order to bring your energy, focus and action to your goal. Otherwise the goal will sit there like a bump on a log, getting spongey and covered with lichens!

So if you have this, please honor that this IS A BIG deal and decide to give yourself the gift of compassion and clearing this!

I so want that for you because I have seen the pain in the eyes of amazing people with SO much to do and give…who are suffering with goal trauma for too many years! It robbed you once, don’t let it keep robbing you!

See some tapping below for goal trauma and be willing to do more if this was a BIG, BIG event with lots of people, pain and loss. Okay? Promise?


Tapping for Goal Trauma
Start on Karate chop point:

Even though I have this story
and it’s a horror show
I love and accept myself
with compassion
’cause carrying this is heavy
Even though I have this story
and it’s full of pain
and judgment and sadness
I totally honor myself
And the weight I’ve been carrying

Tapping through all the points:
Actually I can’t forgive myself
because this is really bad
I really screwed up
I failed freaking big time
It’s kind of unforgivable
It was a nightmare!

And truth is, it was so much worse
because I really did care
I really did want it
Man, that hurts to say
I tried to be open to miracles
tried to be at my best
I tried so frickin’ hard
and I was destroyed
So much hurt
no one to blame but me.

I lost so much
That is the truth!
and it still hurts
Pain, Sadness,Disappointment
When I think about my new goal
I do remember this
And my inner skeptic is so smart
That I refuse to believe or get my hope up
I am just going to honor this whole thing
With compassion for me
And open eyes as to how it’s affecting me still.

Whew! Breathe and keep tapping if there is a lot more emotion like sadness, anger or “it’s all my fault so I should suffer” self-blame attached to this. When you feel calmer, try this next round:

Tapping through all the points:
I have this past event – truly a trauma!
and I’ve been ruthless about it
I’m just gonna honor myself now
There was a lot going on
And a lot to handle
and I took it all on
without a lot of support
The truth is
I was doing the best I knew how
At the time!

My inner critic says, “No, I wasn’t,”
But I totally honor this old story
I was feeling a lot of pain, fear maybe even terror
My programs and paradigms were running unconsciously
Given all that I actually survived it pretty well
I honor myself now
I’m open to the idea that I could be proud
of how I handled it
I was really doing the best I knew how
I have already suffered from this
Do I really need this judgment on top of that?

And I learned things in that event
It made me smarter
You bet it did! Dang STRAIGHT!
It made me stronger
It gave me strength because I survived it
I came through
I actually didn’t crumble forever
and I honor that and I deserve that
I’m open to seeing
the hero in this story
The hero was me.
Yup, HERO!

And there is more for me to do
With all the new strength
And how far I have come
There is more I want to do!
And REASON for me
To actually trust myself MORE now
Because of how far I have come
I stand here today with courage
And excitement for my new journey
My new goal…my big mission!