I have been hard at work creating a cool new video training for you and I will be mentioning some funny things about your brain.

First, that there is a downside to how smart your brain is…yes a downside.

Secondly that your brain, or what I really mean is your “thinking mind”, would much prefer you were a robot.

Oh…but I have the antidote to that! (how about tapping for carrying a powerful presence!? See script below…)

Now my new training video will be ready in a couple of weeks to share with you, but I wanted share a bit about this today.

Here’s the thing, your brain can really get in the way of becoming more powerful and passionate in your life and in your work. (I mean in the way that you can see and feel and other people can really notice it too.)

For some people, their very smart brain and sharp mind can actually be the biggest barrier they have to stepping UP in their energy, vibe, presence so they can step up in their work.

This is true even though many people realize this is the key thing they need to work on and they really want to learn how to have more of a powerful presence, how to move people, how to be seen as a rockstar…and paid that way too.

And I see that causes a lot of frustration out there and 2 things that specifically involved marketing. People either 1. avoiding putting out content – in emails or newsletters or blogs or videos or 2. putting out very boring content or videos that don’t reflect their real energy or personality.

So here is the thing, your brain, as smart as it is, doesn’t know how to “do” passion or charisma or enthusiasm….like the kind that you can feel and other people can feel too. And…it can’t “learn” how to do them.

These are aspects of the lower chakras or energy centers from which energy rises up through you and bubbles out to other people. It’s not logical or rational or perfect, it’s energy and feeling.

Now, your thinking mind, like a good robot, has a lot of programming that says it is dangerous, arrogant, weak, inappropriate, arrogant, etc. etc. to be feeling all the feelings involved in passion and charisma and enthusiasm. AND it has lots of programming that says in addition, feeling all of that would make you vulnerable to being criticized, attacked and definitely disappointed.

This is why you can, with your thoughts and inner critic I have been talking about, literally shut down the rising energy that would fill you with the powerful and magnetic presence that would have everyone notice the second you walk in the room and say, “who is that?”

Yes, your robot brain is incredibly effective at shutting that down….and let’s remember robots also don’t have a lot of fun, they just work!

So let’s turn off some of that robot and let some MORE of your energy move up through you!

To get started, think about what would happen if you walked into a room filled and bursting with passion about what you do and bold enthusiasm to share with everyone and a belief in yourself that was so strong that there was not a thought in your head about what anyone would think about that…and let’s start tapping!

Tapping through your favorite points:

I would love to walk into the room
And have everyone notice
Wow, who is that? Stop the presses!
I would love to carry that kind of energy and presence
And when I spoke people would be captivated
All listening and caught up in what I am saying
Because my energy about it is on –fire!
But my mind is throwing out some beliefs
And they are loud and clear
“no one will like that, that is arrogant!”
And lots of other things like
“that is too scary, I will be too vulnerable”
And I hardly let myself even feel that passionate
Or enthusiastic
I mean I don’t want to look stupid, or be let down
If I let myself be too excited or believe in myself too much
I can definitely be let down
So my mind is taking that up-flowing CHARGE of energy
that wants to rise up and fill me
and squeezing it down
to a more appropriate amount
it’s okay to be smart and be perfect and the best
but not safe to show more than that
not safe to reveal how much I really care
or how much I really want this

Nope, shut that right down!
Better to be a robot and enter my room
With all my energy in my head
No one will feel me
But at least I will be safer
They literally can’t feel me when I am in my head
Because I am literally not in my body
And when I can’t feel my heart and passion
No one else can either
Oh this is waaaaay safer!

(Okay, take a deep breath! Now let’s bring in something you might want more than to be safe)

Tapping again:

I honor my robot brain, but I am not a robot
I never wanted to be a robot
I have big things I want to do and I really care about them!
And I want people to hear my brilliance
And FEEL something when I speak
I want people to be captivated when I talk
And know that I do really care…about them
And about my work
I want to be more than just smart and perfect
I want to be smart, brilliant and REAL
I want people receive what I am sharing
Both with their minds and their hearts
Because I want them to be informed AND moved
And inspired…and motivated!
I want to be more because I am more!
So I am open to letting my passion rise
My desire rise
My willingness and enthusiasm RISE up
Rise through my system and up to my voice
And then I am open to speaking my passion and my heart
Along with my smarts and brilliance
And sharing all that with others
Cause this is my mission and I can’t NOT share it!
Yup, I want people to see me, hear me, notice me
And remember me for the IMPACT I make
With my presence, my energy AND my words
Hell ya!



P.S. please let me know what you thought of this article and tapping!