Are you working hard at a job doing great work? Or do you have professional clients who are?

Chances are if you (or your client) are a woman you are likely not getting paid your worth! And women are the least likely to ask to get paid their worth.

(BTW, guess who agrees with me on that and says so quite often…none other than Warren Buffett! Yes, the richest man in the US is passionate about urging women to stop downplaying their gifts and start asking to be paid their worth!)

So, what is the fastest way to make more money when you are gainfully employed? Well by getting a raise of course!

So what is stopping you..or your clients… from waltzing into your boss’s office and asking for a raise?

Oh..if only it were that easy! Let’s get real about what goes wrong and my top strategies to power up and get that raise!

Coaches: you will love this! Please feel free to adopt and use with your clients wherever you feel will be helpful!

So are you ready to try this out and take action? Just in case you need to hear it from me… You DO deserve it, you ARE good enough, it IS possible to earn more!

Ladies! Let’s bring home more money dangit!

I would love to hear from you in the comments below….if you use it or coach a client through it!