Today’s tip video is about a special strategy that allows you to explode your visibility easily because is leveraged 3X! I talked about this 2 weeks ago at my live event and people LOVED it, so I thought I would share with you, too!

Why do this? Well, only if you want to meet someone, maybe next year, randomly that says to you, “I watched your video and I just wanted to tell you that it was exactly what I needed to hear. I am so grateful for you…you have no idea how much it meant to me!”

And if you want to be valued, seen and paid as the awesome rockstar you are in your field.

(and if you like shortcuts that make things SUPER efficient)

Watch me lay it out in this short video…(I get rather fired up about it, too)

So, imagine exploding yourself into the market place so that more people can see you, and believe it or not, find you from all over the world, locally and globally.

That is possible and it can be done faster and more efficiently!

So what is the strategy?

Well, it’s called twelve, twelve and twelve….and it’s about leveraging…which I find cool!

So here’s your challenge. I want you to write down twelve topics that you know so well that you could talk right of the top of your head without much trouble.

Now if you are a coach, I’m just going to throw some topics out at you because I know I could hand you a microphone and say, “hmmm, tell me what happens when successful people get overwhelmed and the best way to move through it…Go!”

And you would be off and running! Right?

So I know that YOU know your area of expertise and I am very confident that you could come up with 12 very relevant topics that would be of interest to your perfect customers.

Now, what are you going to do with those twelve topics? 3X them!

For each of the 12 topics, you are going to make a video, a blog post/article, (which is basically exactly what you just said in the video) and you are going to make an audio with it for a podcast.

So your video should probably only be about five minutes long. Your article can be as long as you want it to be and the audio podcast should probably be around twenty or thirty minutes, fifteen minutes you could do as well. But often audio podcasts are about a little bit more content.

However, you can also just get an assistant techy-person to pull the audio off your video and have an shorter audio podcast.

So twelve topics leverage three ways each becomes 36 pieces of content!

Thirty six different ways that you now had exploded onto the scene with content that all ties back to you being an expert at what you do.

And that my friends, is called “exploding your visibility on line.

Now, if you have mostly a local client based, this strategy works incredibly well! Here’s how! The next time you are talking to someone giving a tip or advice, you can say, “Hey, you should check out my video on this” or “I can send you a link to a podcast on that!” or “I will email you the article that I wrote about this exact topic, you will love it!”

Wow! Not only are you exploding your visibility online but when you talk to somebody locally, and tell them about your video and fabulous multimedia content…you rise up the scale of credibility and authority and really stand out! And…the especially a big wow factor that will impress…is that you have video!

So, I challenge you right now! Twelve topics that will be twelve videos, twelve articles, twelve podcasts!

I know you can do it because you’re an expert in your stuff. Now go get it done and stop hiding your amazingness AND your solutions from the very people who are wanting, needing and searching for solutions!

Starting helping people and they will find you, connect to you, appreciate you and HIRE YOU!

And then just bide your time til you get that email, note, phone call that arrives with someone thank you for being a miracle in THEIR life!


PS. Will you do it? Please leave a comment and let me know! I am wondering if my you agree with my youtube commenter that this is “a brilliant and utterly terrifying idea”.