First, I wanted to let you know I have been very busy making you LOTS of new videos…and this one is a bit strong on what NOT to do when you are out looking for more clients.

And…I think it will make you laugh today! (oh, there’s some goofy role-playing…with Bethaney Long)

But this is important because the FASTEST way for anyone in any field to get more paying clients is to go out and start talking to people…as long as you don’t make this dreaded and awkward mistake. And, we share my best strategy for what you SHOULD do instead!

Watch my quick tip video below!

Lets face it, networking events can really pay off BIG time! But, whether you love them or dread them there are some basic Do’s and Don’ts.

What’s the number one Don’t?

And how does that magic really happen where you actually GET NEW CLIENTS from attending them? Find out that and more in my fun but strategy filled video with my pal and marketing guru Bethaney Long.

Put these tips to use and you’ll be amazed at how they will help you stand out and start getting paid like the Rock Star that You Are!

And please do leave a comment and/or your biggest challenges…and I will make video to address them!