This week I want to talk to all of you new coaches out there who are looking to build even BIGGER confidence! I want you all to achieve a sense of inner JOY and confidence about the VALUE of what you can truly do!

In this video I will share with you a couple of tips on how you can make that transition from a fledgling coach to self-confident Rockstar!

Check out the video below to get started!

We all start off in the same place… when you are a new coach, you just physically have not had the chance to work your process through enough people yet. This means you don’t quite have the advantage of feeling a firm belief in the value of what you do and the transformation that you bring.

The truth is…it is hard to express the issues that you solve, the process that you have created, and the transformation that you provide to your perfect customers because it is still a little bit undefined.

The solution is really quite easy: your goal is to work with as MANY people as possible!

So today’s tip is on other ways to work with as many people as possible to really work through your processes AND develop confidence!

This will do so many awesome things for you…it will give you more confidence and “market feedback” in what your marketing messaging should be and it will help you create a pilot program, start a workshop, or gather material for an e-book! Offer this anywhere you can to groups of people, at networking events or even the grocery store, and offer them the chance to be a part of your new program.

But the important tip on this well…tip… is that you must have something definitive to tell people. You don’t want to struggle around telling people what you are offering; “I can do some of this, and some of that, and I’m not sure but I think I am pretty good…”. Instead, excite them with the innovation and freshness of what you are offering! For example, if you are trying to develop a pilot program or group workshop, you could say, “Actually, I am a relatively new coach, but what I’m doing with people and the process that I have created is really extraordinary. I’ve used it on myself and I’m using it with other people and it really is remarkable. I am looking to create a pilot program, or a product, but I need some people to work it with me so I can get it done once, would you be willing to do that?”

Then offer a few sessions for a nominal fee (maybe $20 at the door), or offer it for free (What!? Free sessions!? I have another video for new coaches about the phenomenal benefits of doing free sessions, check it out here:

And the catch is that at the end of the pilot program, you ask people who love what you do to write or film a testimonial for you! This is a great way to gather up lots of people and work through your material with a live customer base.

Feeling nervous yet? Yes, this will put new pressure on you, it will test you to really develop your skills and your processes, but it will also allow you to work through so much material and it will create a torrent of creativity for you!

And how do I know this will work? Because this tip I am sharing with you is actually how I created my first program, The Secret of Intentional Wealth. I told a whole group of people that I was running a workshop and then to my delight THEY SIGNED UP!
Yes shocking! Then I had to force myself to sit down and prepare every week to develop my program and teach them a new process.

This program turned into my first product, which launched me onto the Internet, and 55,000 people in two weeks watched my videos! My pilot program turned into a phenomenon and really put me on the map.

So get out there, offer groups, offer a pilot program… you never know what it might turn into some day! For now, it will get you started, and it will get you that natural confidence to know what your strengths are, who you love working with, who you don’t, what processes are great for you, and what are benefits/payoff at the end of all of this.

When people start signing up (and they will), I promise you will step up and you will do it and you will be so proud of yourself!

This is how ROCKSTARS are born!

Good luck!
XO Margaret