This video is for you coaches and it’s some quick tips to help you get your clients more in their body because clients can sometimes go really into their head, whether it’s anxiety or maybe you have triggered some kind of an intense emotion in them, or if they’re really resisting something that you’re doing or they’re getting overwhelmed.  They can just sort of dissociate and go up into their head and start spinning.   So these are some quick tips for coaches (or it could also be for moms) to help get a client (or your kid) more fully into their body to continue the work.

One of the first ones is to mention it first. Let’s say, you know, it really feels like, that something’s shifted in you, that there’s a lot of energy. You know saying to somebody you’re not grounded or you’re in your head, that can be a little bit negative and so to say something like something is shifted, it feels like there’s a lot of mental energy or a lot going on in your brilliant mind. So I just want to take a breath and get a little bit more grounded so that we can continue.

I mean sometimes clients can tell they might even feel like a little bit dizzy especially if you’re tapping coach and you’ve kind of hit on a trauma but you want to say it in a way that doesn’t sound insulting. You know, and so, often these are people who’ve heard before, you know, you’re in your head all the time or you’re not grounded or whatever. And remember that going up into the mind, the mind is a brilliant place and so we always want to honor that people have brilliant minds, going up into our head is a brilliant coping mechanism and the mind is very, very smart however it overused and so it’s not our allied or our friend when someone hasn’t really left their body and they’re in the panicky mind state.

So tip number one is to have the person just take a couple of deep breath and say to them this, “I want you to do something that’s going to sound really, really strange. I want you to just have both freedom of floor and I want you to just take a breath and close your eyes and imagine what it would be like if you could really feel your feet, if you could feel the feeling of your feet touching the floor. I know it’s not something we often noticed. But just notice the feeling of your feet and now notice the feeling of the chair pushing against your back and supporting your butt and your legs. Just notice that feeling of the chair supporting you.

Now you may have heard me do this in other videos and in another processes but it really worked so well. It comes from the hypno therapy world and it immediately gets people present in their body because as you suggest someone to notice a feeling or sensation, they cannot do it and as they notice the feeling of the chair supporting their back like you might be noticing right now or the bottom of their feet, they immediately come back into their body.

My other tip is to have them, you know, they’re open to wowoo stuff because the first thing I’ve done with people who, you know, who are not in the personal development and it does say a little strange but it works and it’s not that far out there. Someone who is a little more wowoo, you can ask them to put their hand on their heart, at their heart chakra and imagine that they could sort of breath directly into their heart and so it’s a heart math technique and when you just let someone take a few breathe ..and each time you give someone a direction to say, “You don’t take another breath and then you sort of take a little bit of a loud breath you know, people can’t help but come in to resonance with you in that which leads me to another tip which is when you do this, even if it’s over the phone, you as the coach want to really feel your own feet. You want to tune in, really feel the chair supporting you because what that does is it gets you solidly in your first chakra and they’re going to come into resonance much more easily if you’re powerfully present. You know Eckort totally talks about you know, extreme presence. I call it being powerfully present when you really feel your body, when you’re with someone like you really sit in that relationship with them but at the same time, I’m really feeling solidly in my body, you hold extreme presence with that person and they will actually dissociate less.

My fourth tip is if you’re a tapping person, this is exactly the tapping that you need to do to get them back in their body. It’s so simple and it works every time. It’s like this, I don’t want to be in my body right now. I don’t want to feel this. I don’t want to feel this. I refuse to feel this. It doesn’t make sense to feel this. I don’t want to be in my body right now because if I’m in my body, I’m going to have to feel and ask them to fill in the blank and then we usually go, “Hmm, sadness and you’re like, “Hmm, maybe.” Whatever they come up with this, right? If they say, “I don’t know.” Then you say this, another little trick from hypnosis. You say, “I know you don’t know but what would you guess?” And when you say that, they give you the answer a hundred percent of the time. It’s so awesome!

And so I don’t want to be in my body because if I have to really go into my body, I’m going to have to feel fill in the blank if they don’t know. Say, I know you don’t know but guess, what would you guess? And they always give it to you and then that is your tapping, I don’t want to feel this. I don’t want to feel all the sadness and there’s usually a fear that’s going to overwhelm them.

So when you do that simple tapping, even just a couple of taps, they suddenly go right into their body and whatever emotion you’ve identified , they will start to feel and have it around.

So if it’s sadness, you’ll see the sadness start to come and that’s when you can sort of shift gears. And you know, it’s always okay to tell a client, you know, hey, how about if we feel five or ten percent of that? What would you say you’re feeling, willing to feel today and then you say, “Great! Let’s make a bargain with your unconscious mind and body. I’m open to feeling five or ten percent of this grief or sadness or fear today and we can process it because we’re tapping and it’s the greatest tool on the planet.”

So those are my four tips for coaches to help get your clients into their body when they either dissociate or you can hear that they’re in a panicky mind state sort of spinning. It also works when they’re procrastinating a lot and it will work for you too.