I wanted to share a video I made with a FABULOUS marketing tip on where to go to get not only clients….but clients who are super cool and willing to step up and invest in themselves.

At the risk of being obvious, I think I make a VERY good case!

It’s my fabulous Marketing Tip on HUGE life-changing REASONS to Leave Your Home!

So this is one of the strategies that falls under the category of, “You’ve got to leave your home!” if you want to find clients and make money! Especially when you have been in a new business for a year or 2 and don’t have a huge on line presence…because when you leave your home…you bump into people and people (yes, actual humans) make the BEST clients!)

One of the biggest strategies that you can use in leaving your home is going to a conference or an event whether it’s local or across the country or across the world.

Go to events! I have been doing this since 2009’ish and my biggest breakthrough happened that year when I went to my first live event.

The truth is…I was afraid. I had never spent that much money on an event before. I did not know what I was going to get out of it. I kept going back and forth and looking at the emails and looking at the sign up page and thinking, “What shall I do, what shall I do?

It took so much energy to click that button and pay that twelve hundred dollars or whatever it was to go to this event and it changed my life forever.

And it wasn’t even the content that I learned at this event. It was the people that I met there that …years later….I am still close to and have made the huge, huge impact on my career.

Now I go to events regularly because that’s where I network with amazing tribes of people. I meet amazing cool people and I’m always blown away at when I met people at an event, how they end up being part of my life, part of my circle, part of my business and part of my success as the years go forward.

There’s a second reason to go to events and that is when you go to an event, everybody there is someone else who has left their home and gone to an event! Everyone there has invested to be there and is wanting something!

So…events are full of potential clients for you. Yeeeyy!! Send up the balloons!

Yes, there are: clients for you there, collaborative partners for you to get more clients, people who are referral sources for you. People who go to events are hungry and they want to build their business, they want to start making money, they want to do what they love, they want to hone their skills.

These are good people! These are actually the VERY people that you want to invite into your new tribe and spend time with as colleagues!

The reality is, for most of us, when we are in our home and in our town, we might have very supportive people around us but they are not “in our world”. For example, they are not in the world of coaches and experts and helping people and so they aren’t the same as being around like-minded people who are training for something new or marketing a new business like you.

So go to an event, a conference…my event would be a GREAT one to go to… because you will find like-minded people that really fit with you and maybe one of them will agree to be your accountibility partner and then the two of you can get so much more done together.