Today I have made you a video to help you shift when you have to deal with a difficult client. Or you could use when you are dealing with anyone in your life you care about that is either difficult OR is in the middle of a very painful situation.

So first let me say that you won’t need this video if you are not human! But for me, I am pretty human and that means I have my own stuff and an ego and some insecurities. That means sometimes I can get triggered by my own stuff or by someone else.

But as a coach, I MUST hold myself to a higher standard for my clients, because my clients are relying on me to hold the space for THEM…not be in my own stuff!

So, I need to do this fast ritual to get in the zone…either with or without tapping added!

You know the truth is …we are human and we have egos and we have a lot going on inside ourselves. Of course we do! But whether you are a coach or trying to hold the space for a child or someone you love, you can ask more of yourself for them…you can shift to hold a more solid space and presence for them for their highest good and for yours, too!

Now this is even more important when you have a client that let’s just say, isn’t your favorite client or is a little more difficult to deal with. Maybe they trigger you or maybe they remind you of somebody in your life that drives you crazy, but either way, it’s powerful to have a little process to get your vibe straight before the session.

Watch my video as I walk you through exactly what I do as my short and sweet process:

First, I like to take a deep breath and then I just tune in a little bit because sometimes I find myself rushing around right up to the last minute when I’m about to get on the phone with a client (not the best practice for me).

I find it best if I sit for a few minutes before that call and get my vibe straight and get clear. And so I take a breath, I sit there for a minute and I allow myself to hear some of the thoughts going through my head. Wow, the thinking that my brain is running with! Some of the thoughts are about me, some are about the clients and a lot of them are about my own worries and insecurities.

Inside my head it will sound like this:
“I hope they like what I do. I hope I am doing enough. Am I giving enough? Are they getting it? Do they think it’s valuable? What if they don’t see the value in what I am giving them?” And because I so want them to do well…. I so want to help them and I want them to thrive that I also hear, “what if they don’t do well? What if this does not work for them? What if I don’t know how to help them?”

Whew! All of that is going around in my head. And that’s not good for my client (or me!) So this is when I realize, “Thank God I take a minute to get my vibe straight!”

So for me I like to do a little affirmation where I just take a breath and I breathe and I acknowledge. Now sometimes I use the tapping technique and sometimes I just say my special affirmation…and it sounds something like this,
“Even though I am human and I have all these insecurities, worries and triggers, I am just going to honor myself and my higher intention right now.

Even though I ALSO have all these things I am “projecting” on to this client on what I want them to accomplish or how I want them to heal in my opinion, I now honor their divine timing and process.

Even though I ALSO have all my opinions of them or how they trigger me and my worries because I do worry that they are judging me. Maybe they think I am not good enough. Maybe they don’t see my value. Maybe they’re not seeing the value of what I’m giving them. Blah, blah, blah, etc, etc, etc, YES brain, I hear you!!

I’m just going to breathe and center and honor that because I am human and I do care and sometimes I’m a little insecure and I’m worried and I care so much.

So I’m just going to honor that and set my intention right now to get out of the way and allow myself to be the clearest channel for the highest good of this client and for me. For the highest good of whatever outcome is right and divine and perfect for this client at this time. It is my intention to be in my highest state of presence and grace bringing healing, teaching, inspiration, transformation and the caring that this person needs.”

And then I take a breath and I wonder, “Is that really going to work?

And then I jump into the session…and find that HELL YES it really does work because I find myself so much more clear and centered and energized and ready to go even if it’s my fifth coaching client in a row….and even if they are umm…a bit more “difficult”.

I hope you find this short process helpful!