Hey everyone!

Today I have an incredible tip for you on how to help your clients GET MORE DONE! This tip is a new and innovative twist on positive goal visualization, and your clients are going to LOVE it! Help them turn their goals into reality one step at a time!

To hear all about my tip and how I’ve used it in my own life, click the link below to check out the video!

This tip is a variation on the strategy of visualizing the end goal, which is a strategy I use often with my clients. It actually comes from Wayne Dyer, who says you should “Visualize yourself surrounded by the conditions you want to create.” I love that!

However, this technique I have for you today is slightly different. Instead of just picturing the end goal, have your clients visualize themselves taking the very ACTIONS that are the steps towards that goal. This is particularly important for the steps that are out of their comfort zone or new for them, because they have never done them before.

If they can imagine themselves conquering those steps, they will find themselves much more likely to actually go out and do them, even if they seem scary. This will truly help your clients bridge that gap between where they are now, and where they want to be.

So how does this work? I’ll share a personal example: working out/exercising.

I don’t do well with lots of discipline and pressure; trying to force myself to do it will only make me unhappy! But I find if I visualize myself working out and being happy and feeling accomplished while doing it, the next thing I know I find myself working out!

I don’t know how I did it, and I didn’t force myself; suddenly I just FELT like working out.

I also used this technique when I was writing my book, Tapping Into Wealth. WOW did I hate writing my book! It was so hard, and it seemed to take so much out of me!

However, when I began visualizing myself sitting down and writing my book, for just an hour or so at a time, I found myself doing just that.

So, here’s how you can use this technique with your clients. Help them map out some specific actions you know they’ll have to take to reach whatever goal they are trying to achieve.

Next, circle the ones that are new for them, that might be out of their comfort zone or cause them some resistance, and make sure they put a little extra focus on those ones. Then, have your clients physically close their eyes and visualize one or two of the actions.

We say in the hypnosis world (since I do have a background in hypnotherapy), that when you get someone to visualize or imagine something, then they have already practiced doing it once, and it doesn’t seem as new and different and scary any more.

So, let your client close their eyes and sit there for thirty seconds or so and visualize these steps with you.

This will end your session in a truly positive way, as you help your client imagine happily taking that new but exciting action, and feeling AWESOME about it! And soon, they’ll find themselves out there taking those steps and conquering those goals.

And they’ll have you, their Rockstar coach, to thank for it!

Let me know how it works, I love reading your comments!