You sense that you have a mountain of powerful, charismatic energy inside of you just waiting to bust out and be seen!

You know you were meant for something better but just can’t seem to let that inner ball of charismatic energy out!

It’s likely that you’ve taken a vow to never allow that power inside of you to be seen!

From a logical place in your brain, you know this doesn’t make sense. You have so much more to you than you are sharing with the world.

From a sub conscience level, this makes all the sense in the world. Especially if you grew up with a parent or influential role model who, from the eyes of a child, was powerful in a negative way. Maybe they were narcissistic? Maybe they abused their power?

Ignore this vow and you’ll never allow the positive powerful energy inside of you to be seen and shared with the world.

I explain it more in this video along with some tapping to begin to release this crippling vow.

If you had a powerful reaction to this, there may be more work to do. Just keeping tapping on the vow and continue to clear whatever comes up.

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