Rock stars make more money AND impact huge amounts of people with their gifts.

It’s true right? It does not matter what field you are in, those who are the “rock stars” in their field make more money and help more people.

And it’s not just more money, it is actually a whole range of the “rewards” most of us want. They are seen, known, honored, respected as the best – for their brilliance. Their big energy, passion and enthusiasm are infectious and customers and clients are instead FANS! People talk about them, remember them, aspire to be like them.

Sounds awesome, right?

Well, what is stopping YOU from owning your inner rock star quality? I believe it’s not something we are just born with or not.

I believe each of us had our own and uniquely personal rock star quality but sometimes it’s been…let’s just say a bit repressed?

I believe your rock star quality has to be released from programming and vows against it AND it must be allowed, encouraged and then ignited into a bigger fire. AND, I believe it will lead you to something bigger if you dare!

But you must decide consciously that you actually want this and then decide to actually take the steps.

Because your personal power and your money and success are intimately connected and totally reflect one another. This means…if you want to take a huge step up in your income, you HAVE TO take an equally HUGE step up in your personal power. You need to step into your rock star quality! Scary and thrilling!!

In the last several years, I have gotten up on a lot of big stages – from mine to T. Harv Eker’s stage, to Marcia Weider’s stage and made tons of free videos. How did that happen?

I had to first follow my calling to leave my corporate job behind to transform myself and others as a Tapping Coach. Then I had to grow AGAIN to take the next step of helping even more people and making a bigger impact. WHOA that was big for me – allowing and igniting my own brand of rock star quality. I had to be willing to feel rock star passion, desire and expansion within me and speak every day from that place, GIVE more every day from that place.

I also had to be willing to have that quality SEEN in me, even if I looked foolish sometimes, even if that made me more vulnerable to judgment and rejection on a bigger scale.

It is scary, takes courage AND is thrilling and deeply fulfilling because it let me BOTH impact more people and earn a great living (praise goodness I didn’t have to go back to my corporate job!)

Are you wondering how I tapped on that? See bonus tapping script below!

So I ask you, if you had a mini rock star locked in you…and you could let a little bit of them shine today…what would they call you to do, be, want?

How much do they want to be seen and by how many? How many people are you being called to help? How badly would your inner rock star WANT both the moment of being alive and on-fire doing your excellent thing AND receiving all the awesome rewards?

So here’s my challenge for you today. Imagine what it would feel like to let that inner rock star come forward, fill with energy and arise in you…even if it’s just for an hour or so. And from that energy…do something, talk to someone, call someone, write and email, make a video…do something!

And tomorrow, rinse and repeat! Hope you enjoy the fun tapping for today and please do leave me a comment! (I love reading them!)

**Note – first we break some of the vows and resistance**

Tapping on the Karate Chop point:
Even though the truth is I am nothing like a rock star, I honor all of me
Even though I don’t have that much mojo, fire, star power, I honor little ol’ me anyway
Even though acting like a rock star would break so many vows for me, yikes, I can’t do that, I honor all of my programmed resistance and fears.

Tapping through the points
I am kind of afraid, I’m a chicken!
I can’t put myself out there like that!
I have all these vows to be invisible, not toot my own horn, be humble
Nobody likes a show off!
If I let everyone see how much I wanted it – the attention, the respect for my work, the money, how many people I want to help
I will be vulnerable…to EVERYTHING BAD!
I will be more vulnerable to judgment, criticism, never mind failure!
I might act like a rock star, then fail! Ugh!
No way, no how, I’d rather play it cool, stay under the radar.
Medium risk, medium money, medium results,
But, at least I’ll be safe, appropriate, humble and not bother anyone!
I don’t want to be so out there and vulnerable!
It feels like my own life and death are at stake here!
I can’t let that energy up and out, I refuse to let my rock star quality shine!
I am closing the lid, locking that box, sending her/him back to the basement!

Okay, whew! How about a positive round?
Tapping on the Karate Chop point:
Even though this is scary, part of me knows I have something huge to give!
Even though I get insecure, part of me is exploding…I’m meant to do something BIGGER! I know I can make a big impact, maybe even change the world!
Even though I have so many vows that stop me from being the REAL BIG me, dang it, I am sick of being stuck, sick of being locked in a box! I want OUT!

Tapping through the points
Yes, I am kind of afraid, but I really want this!
Yes, it’s scary but I am done waiting
I have a huge mission and it’s calling me!
I have wanted bigger reward, bigger results, bigger money for a long time
That is also the honest truth!
I have a gift and I have only let some people see it
And I LOVE giving that gift…it is truly MY GIFT!
I am meant to give it, I am meant to help more people!
I really DO want to give it and I really do want my dreams!
I am not perfect and I might fail…so what! I am doing it anyway
I am nervous and worried about judgment, so what! DANG IT! I am doing it anyway
I am going for it with all my brilliance, desire and power
I am going for it with the absolute LOVE in my heart for sharing my gift
I am going for it because I can’t NOT go for it anymore
This is my time now, MY TIME TO SHINE
I want it, I deserve and I do have what it takes
And I’ll figure out the rest when I get there…
I am stepping into my rock star quality and it’s AWESOME!

Would love to hear how you felt after this tapping. Are you feeling more inspired to shine? What changes do you feel. I would love for you to share this post with your friends.