I have been emailing you a lot lately about stepping up and standing out and SHINING with all your amazingness! (LOVING your feedback, it really makes my day!)

….but did you know that you can actually ASK for more – even more – way more – of your own brilliance and amazingness to appear magically and support you.

Doesn’t that sound awesome?
Oh ya, cause IT IS AWESOME and you have to try it!

Now you may be wondering WHO you ask for this. Well luckily, you don’t need to find the Emerald City and ask the wizard.

You are going to ask yourself, well a part of yourself. There is a way to invoke and speak directly to your “subconscious mind” which is the store house of all your brilliance!

Here is how and why this works.

Clearing limiting beliefs often brings a new level of perspective and appreciation for your unique value and talents. Hopefully you have noticed that effect of the tapping I have been sending.

But you have even more…

You already have waiting inside you a storehouse of untapped potential brilliance and energy that’s far beyond what you’ve seen so far. Your negative programming has been limiting your ability to access and let it flow…but it’s time to change that!

Because the more of your brilliance you flow out in the world, other people, literally bursting into “the marketplace” with more of your own amazingness… the more money you make and the easier it comes.

It’s not actually complicated – you simply ask yourself to reveal more of your untapped resources, but I find it works better with tapping to access the subconscious mind!

Here is the tapping, try it and watch the clarity, ideas and focus you have in the new weeks! (and let me know!)


Tapping for More of Your Brilliance
Say the following phrases aloud while tapping on the all the points:
Even though part of me
does not believe I have more untapped potential
more pure brilliance, clarity and energy
it’s okay, of course I do!

Even though part of me
really questions whether or not
I have the brilliance
the talents the gifts
or the energy to earn a lot more money
especially in less time
Heck, I’ve never earned that much before.
And it’s hard to imagine!

That’s okay because the truth is,
there is more to me than I’ve seen so far,
buried within me is an untapped resource
of brilliance
of boundless energy
of courage and enthusiasm
of inspirations and focus
and efficient actions
I have an untapped potential within me.
I have untapped genius.
I may have seen some so far in my life
but that is nothing
compared to how much more
I can unleash
so I am now asking for more
of my own brilliance to appear
I am now allowing more inspiration
to flow through me.
I am ready for streamlined,
efficient actions to manifest
through my very hands

I speak directly to my subconscious mind
the part of me that make quantum leaps
the part of my mind that is creative
that has million-dollar ideas
just waiting to come forward
and I ask this part of me
for more for brilliant ideas,
for courage
for audacious action
for higher levels of leadership to emerge
for leveraged and efficient strategies to appear
I asked this of my unconscious mind.
knowing it is a treasury of untapped brilliance
and I’m open and ready,
and accepting and willing
for all the ideas the inspirations
and nudges to act to appear
and when they do I commit to hearing them with an
open-mind and open heart.
I commit to taking action
and recognizing the signs of my own brilliance genius
I believe that there is more to me
than what I have seen so far
than what I have shown so far
and I’m open and allowing my brilliant, genius to come through
for my highest good
And the highest good of everyone
With whom I share it
In the spirit of incredible win/win expansion for all!