Be honest with yourself; what kind of receiver are you….really?  Are you the type of person who begins to stammer and stutter when someone pays you a compliment and say things like, “Oh, this old rag?  I got this on clearance at Walmart!”  How uncomfortable is it to just say, “Thank You” and just take it in without trying to somehow diffuse the compliment?  I’m betting that many of you reading this are shaking your heads “Yes” right now, replaying scenarios of that uncomfortable moment when someone says something nice and you try to figure out what to say to leave the discomfort as quickly as possible.

I refer to this as the vow to never be a good receiver and if it was just about compliments, it might not be a big deal.  However, this goes much deeper and carries much more weight.

It is this vow that denies us the pure joy of marveling in our accomplishments and feeling the deliciousness of reaching our goals.

You know how this goes, you set a goal and strive for a long time to reach it and then once you achieve the goal, you smile for a hot second and then immediately begin thinking, “okay, that’s done….what’s next?”  You never REALLY feel a sense of true accomplishment.

Being a great receiver makes us vulnerable (being truly open at the 2nd chakra) and that’s something that many of us can’t bear to be.  But not working on and clearing this vow makes it very difficult to connect with other people and with our true selves.

In this video, I take you through a process to help you connect with that part of the 2nd chakra necessary to open up the channels of being a better receiver.

Pretty intense huh?? Difficult work but so necessary in the process of connecting to yourself and others in a deep way.

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