Here is another fabulous tip for coaches who want to make their one on one sessions with clients even more awesome! At the end of the day your goal is to create VALUE for your clients and I’m going to tell you how!

I know you’re already an awesome coach… but who doesn’t want to be even more fabulous!?

In this video I share with you a little tip for ending sessions that will help your clients LOVE it and LOVE you even more. Ultimately you want to end the session in a way that will leave the client more conscious of the value of it.

No matter what the session was about… a calming and heart-opening session, deep personal development, goal work, visualization…  you always want to have the client come back from that state and regroup.

This is especially important for coaches who work with hypnotherapy, where clients are groggy after being put in a hypnotic state. It is important to bring your clients back into a more awake space, and shift the energy. Create a distinction between the content you worked on during the session, and allow the client to come out of that mode and enter into a different level of discussion and consciousness. Sound complicated?? It doesn’t have to be!

My tip for you is to help your client summarize. You can even look at your own notes! Help them by going over what happened in the session: where you started, what kind of journey you took, and most importantly, where you ended up.

This will frame the experience for them in a way that they can understand and actually remember once they leave your office.

Help them see the session as a valuable lesson that they can take with them.

For example, perhaps you worked them through a process and you discovered that their inner critic is holding them back. After the content-based part of the session is over, remind and review this lesson to them and give them a concrete strategy or goal for working through that.

Make sure you really clarify and “anchor” the aha moment for them!

This will allow your client to gain a more conscious framework of the session so that they can truly recognize and honor the value of it….and that will always lead to great testimonials and MORE REFERRALS!

Remember, there have been clear studies in the field of persuasion and influence: people remember how things end.

It really is YOUR job as the coach to help the client remember CLEARLY their breakthroughs, progress and new perspectives…and there is no better time than at the end of the session!

So take a breath, take a space, and summarize what you did with the client so you both are CLEAR about how awesome it was!

Then, tell them specifically what you want them to focus on, be mindful of or get done that next week.

Your clients will leave feeling accomplished and refreshed and they will LOVE your coaching even more!


P.S. Please leave me a comment and tell me what you think  of this tip!  YES I do love reading them and it will inspire my next tip!