Rock stars make more money. It’s true right?

It does not matter what you do as a career or mission, those who are the “rock stars” in their area, their niche, their profession make more.

And it’s not just more money, it is actually a whole range of the “rewards” most of us want. They are seen, known, honored, respected as the best for their brilliance. Their big energy, passion and enthusiasm are infectious and customer and clients are instead FANS! People talk about them, remember them, aspire to be like them.

Sounds awesome, right?

Well, what is stopping YOU from owning your inner rock star quality? I believe it’s not something we are just born with or not. I believe it’s there in all of us and has uniquely personal quality. (think about all your idols…some are loud, over-the-top and some are very quiet, humble, but still rock stars at what they do)

I believe your rock star quality has to be released from programming and vows against it AND it must be allowed, encouraged and then ignited into a bigger fire. But you must decide consciously that you actually want this and then decide to actually do take the steps.

Because your personal power and your money and success are intimately connected and totally reflect one another. This means…if you want to take a huge step up in your income, you HAVE TO take an equally HUGE step up in your personal power. You need to step into your rock star quality! Scary and thrilling!!

Tomorrow I will be the first ever tapping expert to speak on T. Harv Eker’s stage, with over 800 people in attendance. How did that happen? I had to go from being the expert tapping practitioner that I was 3 years ago to finding, allowing and igniting my own brand of rock star quality. I had to be willing to feel rock star passion, desire and expansion within me and speak every day from that place, work every day from that place. I also had to be willing to have that quality SEEN in me, even if I looked foolish sometimes, even if that made me more vulnerable to judgment and rejection on a bigger scale.

Am I freaking out? YES! Am I determined anyway to be a rock star on that stage? HELL YES!

My rock star quality will show through, not just in my expertise in tapping and teaching, but in my whole vibe – my passion, my enthusiasm, my goofiness, my vulnerability, my energy!

So I ask you, if you had a mini rock star locked in you…and you could let a little bit of them shine today…what would they call you to do, be, want? How much do they want to be seen and by how many?

How bad do they WANT both the moment of being alive and on-fire doing your excellent thing AND receiving all the awesome rewards? Now imagine what it would feel like to let that inner rock star come forward, fill with energy and arise in you…even if it’s just for an hour or so.

And from that energy…do something, talk to someone, call someone, write and email, make a video…do something! And tomorrow, rinse and repeat!