Many of you know the power of tapping to release negative emotions but what about stubborn negative beliefs? Resistant beliefs require a special approach and specific tapping.

Why is it even important or necessary to identify your resistant beliefs? These stubborn beliefs can sabotage your efforts to step out and play a bigger game or just be a better version of you.

I explain more in the video and also give you a quick self assessment tool to help you identify your negative beliefs because you may not even realize you have them or the impact they have in your life.

Once you’ve identified some of your most resistant negative beliefs, tap along with me to begin to release the beliefs and eliminate any pattern you have of manifesting situations that bring disappointment instead of a feeling of WINNING!

Once those negative beliefs begin to clear, you will instead manifest positive outcomes that make you feel awesome and validated and will eventually become your new paradigm!

I’d love to see some comments below on some of the negative beliefs that you uncovered and how they felt after tapping on them.

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