Well, I guess it does not matter that you have been engaged for 2 years, planning a wedding for 6 months and 46 years old…ya still get wedding jitters!

Starting a couple of weeks ago, every time I had to talk about the wedding and then let myself picture it …like walking down the aisle and having all my friends and family smiling at me… I started to feel butterflies in my stomach!

Surprise! It’s still a REALLY big deal to be getting married. And…isn’t that a good thing?

And it’s all in the air in my company.  Last year, 3 of us on my staff were all engaged and one by one we are getting married off! Now it’s my turn and everything is ready…just a few more days!

So it got me thinking about weddings and marriage and all the traditions – both the beautiful ones like the ceremonies and the commitments…and the programmed ones like the “role of wife” and what that means.

I believe that we women have arrived at this 40/50/60-something age with a new power, independence and sense of self…as well as more clarity about what we really want in a partner that loves and supports us. But we must be very conscious of how the generational handed down roles of what it means to be a “wife” can trigger all kinds of unconscious vows to appear.

Many of my married clients are powerful women but start to realize how much they had given away their power over the years playing the “role of wife” even in great marriages. They see how much (and how early) they let go of what they wanted to do and what was needed or expected;  even if their husband never asked them too.

This is the power of our programming and vows…but the power of consciousness is even stronger! It is sooo exciting to start ANEW at this age – in our long term relationship or in a new one – and redefine who we want to be, how we want to carry our power…and who we are becoming!

So today I challenge you to see where you have taken on a role like “wife” or “mother” that brought (along with all of the good things like love, romance and family) – maybe some rigid rules that changed you or how you carry your power….even if it was 25 years ago.

Because when you see it and you take a deep breath, exhale and imagine the constricts of that role defined 25 years ago fall away. Who do you get to be now? What does it mean now, TODAY for YOU to be a wife or mother or a lover?

Now fill yourself up with a new energy of “okay, now I am changing, evolving and growing into who I will be for the next 25 years!” You don’t have to know who that is yet…Just be open to discovering!

So my tapping today is to allow the programmed roles to fall away in the light of consciousness and being open to the Margaret Lynch I am growing and evolving into in this new chapter of married life!



Tapping for evolving beyond old roles:

There I was for all those years
Playing the role to a T!
I changed when I stepped into that role
I didn’t see it at the time
But I really did change
I gave up some of my power
I settled for less
I sacrificed and gave…and gave
And I honor all I did
And all the GOOD I did for my family

But this is NOW and I am feeling new!
I don’t want to be defined by ANY role!
I don’t want to be constricted
by what Is expected
in someone else’s opinions
or what WAS expected
in the “olden days”
Cause I still have some of that programming!
Might as well be churning butter in the barn!
That is how old the programming is!

I want to be more free to be me!
I am not quite sure who that is completely
But I am open to finding out everyday

I am open to freely being more powerful
The unique way in which I am powerful
I don’t know what that might look like
But I am open to finding out everyday!

I am open to being in relationship
With more honesty
About what I want and when I want
And who I really am
I am open to being in relationship
Without giving away my power
That is a tricky dance
Not sure how that would work!
But I am open to finding out step by step
What it means to be powerful AND in relationship

What would it look like to be
Powerful AND vulnerable and tender and needy!
Because I am all those things!

I am open to letting go of pre-programmed roles
So I can be free to create and RECREATE
My relationship anew everyday
Falling in love and
Letting my partner, friends, family
Fall in love with me everyday!
All new…all the time!