Have you ever looked at someone, maybe in your field or profession, and felt jealous?

I have. Yes, I am human and I have felt it.

And… this question just came up – “how do I deal with, umm, I’m so embarrassed to say…jealousy? How would you tap on that?” in our recent live Q&A call for all the new participants in the 7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation Program.

But since we’re being honest on a Wednesday morning, I have to admit, at times when I have felt it…sometimes it’s been a little more than jealousy!

It sounds kinda bad like this, “SERIOUSLY, they are up there getting paid WAY more than me and getting all the kudos, and I know I can do it better/smarter!”

Oh that’s some serious honesty!

Jealously is a funny one in that we will admit to being fearful, ashamed, even embarrassed, but admitting to jealousy really seems like the worst!

But what if that awful uprising of anger, frustration, criticism within us in response to seeing someone else “win” has an amazing, powerful and empowering light side?

I believe it does!

What if you were born on this planet, built and wired, to be seen, shining with your talent and brilliance and VALUED for it (which means paid well). Every bit of you…your brains, skills, personalities, likes, desires, humor, ALL OF IT has been perfectly selected for this lifetime of being YOUR BEST and serving the world in a big way.

But then our vows and our programming stop us from wanting, asking for and stepping up to the level of visibility and reward we are meant wired to WANT. So we live with less, smaller and don’t let ourselves really ASK for and go for more.

We can go along like that okay until we see someone doing what we want to be doing and GETTING SEEN and PAID big-time for it…and that is where the GIFT of jealousy appears!

The tension, anger, rising energy created by jealousy is designed to propel you past your limits and finally ADMIT and go for what you want. As bad as it can sound trapped in your head, when you let the energy rise and move, you will feel a huge charge and clarity about what you really want (along with the energy to go get it!)

What do you think? I would love to see your comment on this topic…and try the tapping round below and see what happens!


Tapping for ….Oh I am so Jealous!

Karate Chop Point:
Even though the truth is I’m so jealous, and envious, and I feel that in my body, they SOOOO don’t deserve what they have, it makes me so mad, I should have that! DANG IT! I accept all my feelings, even this super embarrassing and inappropriate jealousy!

Even though I’m so jealous and envious, and that sounds really bad, I’m breaking so many rules admitting that, I accept all my feelings. These deep, lower self feelings, and everything they’re calling me to do.

Tapping Through the Points:
All this deep jealousy
All this envy
I am so petty and vindictive right now
I’m just letting it rip
And it kind of feels good
I know it’s a negative pleasure
But I feel really justified
Because it does not feel fair!
I should have that
I’m working harder
I’m giving more
I’m smarter
There I said it
I should have that
And it really burns me up that I don’t
They have it
And I totally see
All the ways
I could do it better than them
I’m already doing it better
I’m mad at them
I’m mad at me
I totally honor my anger.

Karate Chop Point:
Even though I see in them everything I’m not getting yet, I honor that I deserve that, that I want that, that it motivates me, I just haven’t made it happen yet.

Even though I’m jealous and envious of what they’ve achieved, the recognition, the fame, the success, the money, I totally honor that as I own my power, I’m unstoppable. I haven’t gone and gotten it yet. I’m just going to honor that.

Even though the truth is this all comes back to me, I kind of blame myself, I haven’t really gone for it. There’s so many ways I protect myself from really stepping out. I’m just going to honor that too.

Tapping Through the Points:
It’s really my fault
I really haven’t gone for it yet
I haven’t stepped up
I don’t want to ask for recognition.
Actually I do want recognition
I don’t want to be all about the money
But actually I do want more money
There’s so many ways
I hold myself back
From achieving big
From making more money
From finally getting recognition.
I totally honor
All the ways I self-sabotage
This jealousy
That I don’t want to look at
Is calling me to heal that
Is calling me to step up
To step out
To really shine.
And I do want to SHINE
It’s exciting
It’s terrifying
But now I am saying yes!
Yes to rewards!
YES to being SEEN as awesome
YES to being rewarded
YES to clapping for me!
Oh YA, I would humbly enjoy some clapping!
I now own my jealousy
Has a huge light aspect
Instead of a scaled down “modest” dream
Thank you, jealousy, for pointing that out!