Well my live event is a few weeks away and that means I am super busy AND have a lot to tap on!

The funny thing is, and maybe you can relate to this, is that sometimes when I need tapping the MOST, I tap the least!

Isn’t that weird?!

For example, when I am under a bit more “stress/eustress” from big things happening, deadlines and knowing I have to really step up and push.

I can get all frantic and rushing around and realize at 9pm at night, “Hey, I REALLY should have tapped today, but I never did!”

Even stranger is that I totally KNOW that when I do take some time to tap, I get to a centered place and everything flows soooo much easier! It literally seems like everything I have to do gets easier!

Are you relating to this? So why don’t we tap when we need it the most?

I actually have a good answer for that! (and a tapping script below for you!)

When we are in a “stressed” state for any reason like external pressures, our inner negative talk, inner battles, feeling something unjust has happened and the strong negative emotions that come with all that…we are in our most unconscious state.

When we are in a more “unconscious” state of being, we are on autopilot mode, a bit disassociated and actually “resistant” to help and support.

I am SURE you have experienced others being in that state, and have shaken your head watching them refuse the very thing that would help!

Btw, having low blood sugar will also create this state…ringing any bells?

So what is the solution? Outside support, both in people and in resources!

You know how you are more likely to go walking when you and a friend are doing it together every day? I have friends that will starting tapping and remind me to tap, and talk about their own processing. It changes everything!

Secondly, I have go-to resources that will inspire me to take a min and do something that will SHIFT my whole day.

Right now a huge resource is of course the Tapping World Summit, phenomenal and perfect timing for me to do a lot of tapping…and then of course there are tapping videos and fab books I can pick up (like Nick Ortner’s book) and tap through a script.

Yes, sometimes I would MUCH rather have someone else give me the words and guide me! And…I am included a script below on how I am tapping on my own lately, too!

Btw, the Tapping World Summit is happening NOW and all week – so don’t miss the good stuff… check it out here:
Tapping World Summit

(Today is all about healing with Cheryl Richardson and Iyanla Vanzant – superstars!)

See my script below for how I am tapping today, enjoy!


How I am Tapping today!

Tapping fast through any points:

I don’t feel like tapping,
I don’t’ feel like tapping,
I am way to busy
So much to do
Just thought of another thing!!!
Gotta do, do, do!

Rushing, frantic, so much to do
Can’t center! Heck no!
Can’t be peaceful and present!
I’ll do that later when all this stuff is done!

Feeling my body, energy racing
Feeling my anxiety
Instead of excitement
When excitement is so much better
Feeling put upon and saying the word “stress” a lot
When the truth is I am doing what I love

Coming into my body, just for a minute
Breathing and feeling my breath
Opening up instead of being closed
Opening up to ease and inner resources
Instead of rush rush rush

It’s all happening, it will all get done
There’s no danger, no threat
My nervous system is acting like there is
But I am here, present, safe
I am resourceful, smart and centered

My intention is to give my best
Do my best
From the bottom of my heart
My intention is to give and give
Because I belief in what I do
And I am doing this because I love it

That feels REAL and much better
I have a lot to do,
and it is all unfolding perfectly
I am supported by the divine
Every step of the way!