Well, today I am admitting something that is hard for those of us who teach personal development and transformational work….

Not too long ago I caught myself in a rant of world class complaining!

Oh, it was bad…like, not funny bad…

It took a few minutes for the shock on the face of the recipient to register…then I realized how I sounded. HMMMM…maybe I better explore this with tapping…YA THINK???

So started with my patented “tapping while complaining loudly” routine. This is where you hold nothing back no matter how bad or whiny or negative it sounds. And always throw in a good dose of yelling at and blaming everything and everyone (as long as they are not in earshot). Remember to include in your rant the global blame too…I like to yell at the whole world, universe, God, the law of attraction…oh I can tell you that no one is safe! 🙂

After that (and it felt good!) I started to ask myself… what was my real issue underneath all the connected complaining stories. This is so critical because then you can address it directly!

Usually it is one of 2 issues when we are upset enough to start complaining:
1. Feeling overwhelmed from what is actually happening in your life or
2. Feeling overwhelmed about something you are worrying about in the future.

Often for me, it is the first one…but this time I realized, it was something I was worrying about. As this became clear…I had huge realization!

Backstory: for the past 3 months I have spent a LOT more time visualizing, affirming and meditating on things I want to manifest and asking for support – like miracles – to help me manifest.

Funny thing happens when you do that….stuff starts to happen quickly!

So what did I manifest? The exact acceleration of events I was asking for, like… fast and furious. But when it showed up…I started worrying about it because it triggered one of my biggest core values: I like a balanced life of work and play and relaxation. I am VERY willing to work very hard and push when I need to…even for weeks! But then I am hard core about getting my balance back, restoring and relaxing.

So all this acceleration of things and dates and times put me in a state of worry that I won’t have life balance.

This is HUGE for so many people when we set huge goals and start manifesting BIG things. So my complaining showed me both my fear and my limiting beliefs….because I was assuming things would unfold in a stressed unbalanced way.

But duh…I am a CREATOR! Once I had the aha moment…I could start asking for what I would RATHER have! And that is a whole different deal than what I was worrying about…because we can ask for what we want!

If this comes up for you…try the tapping script below!




Tapping for “what if I never get to relax!!!”

Oh boy, this is too much!
I am already overwhelmed
And there is so much more to do
Jeez, I am never going to get to relax
It’s going to get worse
I am going to be exhausted
No down time
And it won’t be fun at all!

I don’t feel grateful of all that is unfolding
I feel overwhelmed
And everything seems urgent
Or already late…and so much to do
This is going to go one way…the hard way
I am so sure about that
So I deserve to complain!
(breathe, exhale)

I honor my complaining
And what is behind it
Stress and worry about more stress coming
I suppose believing it will go the hard way
Is a limiting belief
Even though it seems really likely
And I am pretty sure I am right!

So I am going to just breath that out!
Whew! That is NOT what I want
I am letting that go…just GO!
So I can be crazy
And dream and say crazy things
What if I say crazy things like…=
What if it is fun and flows and happens?
What if it amazing?
What if miracles line up for me?
What if the timing somehow magically works
And I find beautiful spaces to relax and restore
And get things done in a fab flow

I release my need to push against this
Worry about it, complain about it
And insist I am right about it
And how stressful it will be
I now allow miracles to let it flow easily!
Oh yes, let me be proved wrong!
I am open to be completely wrong about this
And having it be awesome, intense, fun!
Getting tons done, stepping up and shining
While amazingly finding the space
To relax and meditate and restore
Oh ya, that is what I like!