Well apparently I talk a good game, but there I was on my family vacation…sitting on a beautiful beach…and hearing my inner dialog hound me.

“I really have not worked enough…I should check my email today….what will my staff think? I will relax more if I just do some work…what if people are getting mad at me cause I have not responded?” Seriously???

Can we just say a collective UGH! What is with that? The yucky guilty feeling and urgent thoughts about what you should be doing or getting done. That feeling like “it is all on me” and “I HAVE to get more done!” …that follows us on vacation!

And the other thing that came up is the multitasking thing that we women truly do so well. I could hear my inner argument that I could relax AND somehow multitask so I was getting in some work WHILE relaxing. But I was on vacation with Rhys, my daughter and my sister and young nieces and I really wanted to BE PRESENT and not miss a moment!

It was shocking to be in such a serene peaceful place because it made my inner talk soooo loud, that I could really hear it. Luckily for me, I just started tapping on it…the inner rule that says I don’t really get to go “off the grid” …like ever.

You know, this never happened when I was employed by a big company…but it is a huge issue when we start working for ourselves on our own mission. And that means your work is always just a mere coffee table away!

If this has happened to you, let’s do some tapping as we don’t want to have this vibe of “it’s not really okay for me to relax and enjoy….I must work,work, work!” That is a crappy vibe and will bring more of the wrong stuff in!

Doesn’t it sound better to have a fab vacation vibe …which will attract more vacation? Ya!


Tapping for Guilty Relaxing

Here I am just taking a few minutes
Some relaxation time to myself
To rest and restore
I really should be working
I could be getting more done right now
Should be getting more done right now
I can’t afford to relax

There is so much to do
I will fall behind
Oh my….fall behind…oh no!
I feel the stress of that
Who am I to relax?
I feel the icky feeling of guilt in that
Why bother trying to relax
When I just feel icky and stressed

What will people think
What if they are getting mad at me
Or thinking I am unprofessional
Or just unorganized
I have got to do some work
Then maybe I will relax
When I don’t feel so guilty
And this inner voice urging me
Isn’t soooo loud.
I don’t deserve to relax yet
Gotta work more
I don’t deserve to relax yet
Gotta work harder
I don’t deserve to relax yet
I am not there yet.

Whew, that is a really crappy story!
I honor myself right now
And how hard I work
I do want balance
Heck, I tell other people to relax and restore
But clearly I have rules
About how much I am allowed
I honor those rules
But they are stopping me from this moment
This beautiful present moment
Of quiet, restoring and openness

I am letting these urgent, rampant thoughts
Just calm down, there is no emergency
There is time, all is well
It is okay for me to rest and restore
I deserve it
I need it, it feeds and supports me
Yes, I deserve to have work and play
Yes, I deserve to go “off the grid”
It’s okay, it’s okay, all is well
And I am very sure
That relaxation and vacation
Is something I want to manifest more of
So I am saying YES to it, loving it, enjoying it
As my gratitude shows the universe to send me more

Yes to feeling good
Yes to feeling rewarded
Yes to my inner deserving
YES to relaxation for 20 mins
Or a whole week of vacation
I am ready for more that!

(now, this is a good time to test yourself by taking a 20 min meditation-vacation and just be in a state of peace, connection and allowing)