Today we are going deep! It’s time to put on the headlamp and seek something hidden, secret and important in the past and clear it the hell out.


Because this particular thing BECAME the reason (and evidence) that creates a wall of INNER resistance to standing out and being seen.

And you know how PASSIONATE, well maybe even a little crazy, I get about wanting you to step out and start being SEEN more.

(Otherwise how can you impact more people and earn more money?)

Do you have one of these hidden little things? And if so are you up for REALLY going there with some intensive tapping?

Because … when you take off Harry Potter’s “Cloak of Invisibility” and let it go…this can change your life!

(and I don’t think I am overselling that!)

This was something I saw in even the most brilliant accomplished people and it’s why I created the 7 Levels Program…because as you are about to discover, your nervous system AND power centers are drastically impacted by this “hidden thing”.

Okay let’s start with the key question…

In your family growing up was it safer for you to:
1. Be a bit invisible, not seen or stand out or
2. Be MORE of something to be safe like perfect, happy, smart, selfless

If you were to stand out and just be you or ask to be seen and heard, would that have brought to you some level of criticism, anger, dismissal, attack?

Now I want you to imagine you could watch a movie in your mind of a scene like this playing out…an event from your past that really sums up “it’s not safe to be seen”.

So picture the scene like you’re watching a movie – there you are. Notice how old you are, and notice who else is in that picture. Notice you can even see or feel or hear in that picture what they were saying, or the look on their face that showed clearly that that somehow that you were shining or standing out too much.

We’re going to tap on two different aspects of this, because this is truly a trauma, even if there was not overt abuse, this was a trauma for you!

You see my definition of a trauma is that it’s any event that changed the way you felt about yourself, about the world. A moment in which you learned something and made a big decision about how you were going to operate from that moment forward.

So when we look at the event there are two aspects: there’s all the emotion in the real trauma that was there, the sadness, the hurt, the confusion, the shock, the anger.

Then there’s the other side of it which was, ‘I put my foot down energetically that day and said I’m never going to show myself again!’

So there’s the emotions of it, and then there’s recognizing you made a little vow that day. That means your nervous system gets wired to react instantaneously with all those emotions when the opportunity to step up and stand out appears…AND the vow will shut down your power centers and you will run the other way!

That is why clearing this is completely life-changing!

Okay, think about your story just like if it was a little movie clip so we can start tapping and clear this from your system!

Karate Chop Point:
Even though I have this old story, and I can still see it, I can still feel it, the shock, the confusion, the hurt, I learned that day nobody wants me to shine. I accept all my feelings about this.

Even though I have this old story, and I can still feel it, the sadness, the anger, I was just a kid, nobody wanted to see me shine. They refused to see me. I accept how I feel about it.

Even though I have this old story, and it changed me, I felt something that day, and it really hurt, and I made a decision that day, and I’m still refusing to show myself. I’m just going to honor all the ways this protected me, and all the ways it’s sabotaging me.

Tapping Through the Points:
There I am
Why are they doing this?
Why won’t they see me?
Why won’t they let me shine?
It’s safer to be invisible.
I’m going to stay small
Behind the scenes
It’s terrifying to stand out
They refuse to see me
If I show myself,
They’ll attack me
They’ll destroy me
They will annihilate me
It’s not safe to stand out
That’s what I’ve learned
There I was
That younger version of me
So confused
So sad
So traumatized
I didn’t deserve it
I deserved so much better
But there I was
I totally honor
How hard it was for me.

Okay, breathe and if you feel very emotional, it’s okay, just tap through it again ’til you feel a bit calmer about it and the event feels more distant.

Now imagining you are seeing the “movie clip” of this event again. Now look closely to see how in that moment you made a big decision about how you would do things going forward.

You made a decision about those people around you and you made a decision that let you take back some control and safety by vowing: “I’m not going to stand out like that again. I’m never going to let you see the real me cause my flaws will show. I’m never going to let you hurt me again.”

And so we make a vow to hold back our true selves and hold back from being seen in a bigger way.

This can be to protect ourselves OR it can be to get even – meaning hold those involved responsible by always showing the evidence of this old event. (Or both.)

So it’s best to deal directly with both of those results because here is what happens:
1. Your nervous system will instantly blast out fear or shame through your system when you go to stand out…
2. You will very strangely find yourself losing your will/resolve/determination and/or sabotaging any progress you have made because one or more power centers (chakras) are shutting down.

See how much it helps to understand that??? and YEAH we can shift it.

Here is your round 2 of tapping! (told you this was going to be a lot!)

Karate Chop Point:
Even though this happened to me, I totally honor that I survived, and one of the ways I survived was to make a vow to hide myself, to judge them, and hold myself back, or to go in battle with them, and prove them wrong, and I’m still in battle. I’m just going to honor the conflict in this.

Even though I learned that it’s scary, dangerous, terrifying to stand out, to really be me, to speak my truth, my brilliance, I also honor that I took back some control, by refusing to show myself anymore, and I’m still refusing. I took back some control by going into battle about this. It’s the only thing I could do. I was a kid. I totally honor the conflict in this for me, because I’m all grown up now, and I’m still playing behind the scenes, and I’m still getting angry, because the world won’t recognize me.

Tapping Through the Points:
I made a decision
A vow
Way back then
That I’m going to withhold me
I’m going to hold back my essence
My brilliance
And be who they wanted me to be
But internally
I was going to judge them
And battle about this.
I gave them what they wanted
But I never forgave them
And I’m still battling about it
I’m still refusing
To show myself
I’m still getting even
I’m still showing them
And it’s costing me.
I honor this old coping mechanism
That gave me a sense of control
A little bit of control
When I was powerless
But I’m all grown up now
And I really want to own my light
I really want to own my power
I want to shine!
I want to be seen!
I want to make an impact!
And this conflict,
It’s got to go
I’m open to healing this
To blessing it
Forgiving it
And letting it go.

So I can live MY life purpose
And that definitely
Involves SHINING in a bigger way
Being seen for my awesomeness
And make the impact
I know I can make!
Rockstars step up into the spotlight
And I am a rockstar!

Okay, breathe and now jump up and down, dance around, pointing at yourself saying, “rockstar here!” and let that fun energy flow.

Because YES, you are a rockstar!


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