Do you find you always earn a limited amount? Do you have resistance to setting a big income goal? And.. if you set a big goal and your whole family saw it…would it make you uncomfortable?

You need to understand how the First CHAKRA vow from your family money paradigm will totally limit your ability to create money or even set a real goal.

TAP with me to clear your first chakra paradigm and vow to stay limited inside your learned family limits in money and wealth. This is super powerful tapping that will open your eyes and shift your energy and what you do even in the next few months in your money. You will come to realize that it is actually your destiny to surpass your limits…and reach your dreams!

Tap along to this until your energy around your family paradigm begins to feel lighter and if you want to go further with this, please check out my free training , How To Clear the Biggest Money Blocks Stopping You from Earning and Creating Wealth.