Umm…have you noticed that there is a lot …like A LOT… happening right now?

First of all there is all this pressure in January to set big goals and that is KEY to stepping up this year! Gotta do it!

Then, there is all this amazing, cool stuff happening on the internet from various cool people…and I want to watch all the videos and buy all the programs!

And…I want to meditate more, focus more, visualize more…yet somehow relax more.

It’s overwhelming…even though it’s all good stuff!

So today my gift for you is my personal tapping on that special feeling we call.. OVERWHELM.

You have to try this tapping as it will shift you to an amazing place, resistance will disappear and miracles will start occurring.



Here are the 3 things you really need to understand about feeling overwhelmed when we are thinking about our goals and all the things we want:

1. First, we are in some way, shape or form blocking resources…literally saying to the universe, “No thanks, I can do this all myself”. So think about the part of you that likes to achieve and ask yourself if there is an aspect of “I have to do it all myself”.

So tapping on overwhelm will always include opening ourselves up to resources.

2. Secondly, when we feel overwhelmed and “behind”, we have moved into a state of resistance and are also blocking some of our own brilliance. When you are overwhelmed you cannot be as creative, as inspired or as efficient.

So tapping on overwhelm will always include opening ourselves up to our inner creativity and efficiency.

3. Thirdly, overwhelm can also come from a belief that says “It’s got to be hard work, or I won’t deserve it”. Ask yourself this…If you made twice as much money and worked half as much (so it was “easy”) who in your life would judge you, call you lazy or “lucky”? Also interesting to think about this…How much do you judge people who don’t work that hard, yet make a lot of money anyway?

So tapping on overwhelm will always include letting it be easy, fun, honoring our “inner slacker” and still deserving our money.

So REMEMBER and tap when you feel overwhelmed!

Because this is now your CLUE to how you are blocking resources, your brilliance and letting it be fun!

So let’s do it! Write down first your goal for your income this year…and make it good!

Then add in 2 or 3 other things you want to do or create this year.

Are you feeling overwhelmed yet?

Now try this Tapping for Overwhelm:

You can start with the side of the hand or collar bone point if you like:

Even though I am overwhelmed by January and everything I want to do this year, I accept this feeling of overwhelm and resistance.

Even though I am working so hard and yet there is so much to do, where am I going to find the time? I accept this full body experience of resistance and overwhelm.

Even though I am partly charged and excited cause there is so much I want…BIG GOALS…but also DANG overwhelmed. And why does Margaret keep telling us to focus then send out cool stuff I want to dive into? It feels overwhelming mentally, emotionally…and kind of impossible.

Continue tapping through the tapping points:

I’m overwhelmed
I am scattered
I can never get ahead, it’s impossible
I feel so stressed, so much resistance
It’s too much
I am overwhelmed
It’s so frustrating
Makes me feel behind
And no way to catch up
No way to get there
All feels uphill
And it will be hard, taxing and draining
That feels overwhelming!

Tap through this again or twice or more until you feel yourself breathe more easily. Now we can go to a different place.


Because it’s is KEY to set big goals and to NOTICE when they universe sends you resources that feel like they ALIGN with your goal. But when we go into overwhelm we enter a state of resistance to the unfolding of resources, ease and fun that will support everything we want!

ROUND 2: Opening back up to ease
You can start with the side of the hand or collar bone point if you like:

Even though I am still overwhelmed, I recognize how proud I am that I work so hard, but I am open to the idea of letting it be easy.

Even though I expect to work hard and do it all myself, I have rules about that, I am open to all the resources waiting to support me in living my passion.

Even though I really judge people who make money the easy way, the fun way, I recognize this is kind of a conflict for me. I wonder how it would feel to let it be easy, to let it be fun?

Even though I feel behind, what if I am right where I am supposed to be?

Continue tapping through the tapping points:

I’m a really hard worker, and this has served me well
and I’ve really judged “slackers”.
But I would love to let it be easy
I am SO open to resources appearing to let this be easier!
I would totally welcome resources divinely appearing!
That seem almost crazy because they just make everything better
Faster, easier, fun, efficient…that is WAY better

And…I am open and allowing my own brilliance
to reveal inspirations of how this could be easy and fun.
Unexpected ideas that are moments of pure genius
Totally aligned with this being easier, faster, efficient
I love how brilliant I am and I am open to more of that.
Can’t imagine what that could be…but I am open to it!

What if I am right where I am supposed to be?
What if it’s all unfolding in the present moment?
What if this could …really…somehow get easier?
What would that be like? How would it feel?
Can I really ALLOW that?
I am curious of how support could show up in an unexpected place
I love when things are fun and easy
I love getting the reward for everything I am pouring out!
I am now open to receiving resources to support me and rewards for all my work!

WHEW, take a deep breath and feel into that!

And YES, I use this a lot…I mean like… A LOT! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!