This past weekend I got to hang out with people that still blow my mind…because a few short years ago I never imagined they would show up in my life, be sooo cool, and help me so much. These are often people like Bob Doyle that blow my mind because I admired from afar as the “celebrities” of the personal development world.

It reminded me to make you a YouTube video of a process I use… a short and fast visualization process I created to speed up the “attracting” of cool people I admired AND people that would someday make a huge difference in my life and mission. I knew they were out there and I wanted to become a stronger magnet to pull them in. Remember that everything that you will do, get, and have in the next several years will come through other people, many of whom will appear like miracles helping you, guiding you or just believing in you right when you need it! Why not speed that up? Here is the video I made with this process on YouTube…

Try it and experience the power of visualizing with real FEELING and gratitude so that in the very near future, when someone REALLY cool shows up and helps you take a quantum leap in your mission you can look back on this day and think….”Holy cow, I visualized them in that crazy process and here they are”!

I love that feeling and I have no problem taking credit for everything I manifest…and THAT is how I manifested Bob Doyle!