Okay, okay, let’s just say up front, this post is not about any of the passive things we do (like inside of your house) to manifest money. Those things like tapping, mediating, hypnosis, etc. are all awesome tools, but today’s note is more about action for those that have “the goods” and the desire to impact more people.

So please do not go further if you are not wanting to grow a business and ready to go outside the comfort zone. You can skip this one!

But if you want to know the one step that will change your flow of income and clients the fastest, watch my video here!

Here is one comment I got that I just had to share…to encourage you to really get into this!

“Margaret, You’re bang on-It’s really amazing how the universe steps in and opens up with incredible opportunities and people, cash (or credit card) in hand, lol, ready, willing and wanting to do business and exchange value. The important thing is that we actually SHOW up!” (From Subscriber Juliet)

So, why should you give talks?

Oh, there are so many reasons but let me give you what I think are the top four.

#1 First of all, giving talks is one the fastest ways to explode and elevate your credibility in your market place.
(Why would you want to do that? Hmm, I think that’s pretty obvious so I am not going into that!)

#2, Secondly, when you are someone who even offers to give talks, even if you haven’t given the talk yet, you also start to create authority and credibility. Here’s what happens, you decide you are wanting to give a talk and you have something you feel would be meaningful. Suddenly, from that energy, everywhere you go you are saying, “I give talks. I have this amazing talk. I can come and give a talk to your people! I have this great talk that I would love to share and I am looking for a place to give it….”

And with that…you instantaneously elevate in authority. Yes, even if you have not even given a talk yet!

But BOOM, just saying that you give talks, people will look at you differently because you MUST be an expert!

And surprise…you know what? You are the expert. I know you are! You wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t, AND the truth is…you are the perfect person to give a talk in your field of expertise!

You might as well let people see that.

Okay, #3, the other reason to give the talk is your time is leveraged, leveraged, leveraged. You can have a room full of people. I don’t care if it’s ten or thirty or maybe it’s going to be fifty or a hundred….just think of the leveraging!

There you are…you are teaching your best stuff at once to all of these people. You’re giving amazing value out with all your energy, but you are leveraging this energy! So instead of just talking to one person, and having your “energy” and value go out to one person, maybe it’s going out to fifty people.

That means with no more work, you are leveraging your energy fifty-fold! You are giving out value fifty-fold. YES! That’s a 50X leveraging and giving and putting out of your energy and you’re just talking once. It’s easier for you and it’s EASY FOR YOU because this is your area of expertise and you actually LOVE talking about it.

I am right? RIGHT!

And so #4, the fourth reason is when you give talks, people are naturally appreciative. Particularly when you let them know that you are going to give amazing value in your talk…and then actually give amazing value in your talk!

This makes it very easy at the end of a fabulous talk filled with great content to make an offer to a whole room full of people.

Maybe the offer is to do a strategy session or discovery session with you for some work or maybe it’s to buy your book or your product or anything or maybe you just want to collect leads so you can sell them something later. (which is how the money flows from a talk!)

But when you do a talk, you have created this fabulous karma of giving and people are happy to allow you to make an offer or collect leads or give out a special gift which means you have to collect their name and information for it!

OH, so it’s good in so many ways…and I promise you, it will feel good too!

I live for the incredible stories I get to hear from my clients on how their talks go – after they push through all that fear and resistance. Because they always go amazingly awesome, and clients sign up and everyone finally sees them as an expert…and then they say, “Margaret, why did I wait so long to start giving talks!?”

And so if you haven’t given a talk yet, what are you waiting for?

Create your talk and the opportunity will show up. That’s how it works.

Don’t start by look in for place to give your talk, don’t even worry about that yet!

Just craft your talk, get READY and get EXCITED and then start talking about it with that vibe. Then…the universe will somehow know that you’re ready and the opportunities will show up for you.

I promise! And please let me know your feedback!


P. S. In my next video I will show you exactly how to make an offer at the end of the talk that feels totally natural and respectful and cool…and leads to sales!