Today’s video is for all of you fabulous coaches and experts out there who are helping people to do amazing things…because I love you!

YOU are showing people the light and the pathway to overcoming hard situations, becoming healed or empowered and even changing their lives, relationships or careers! THAT is awesome and yes, I love you for that! (group hug!)

So in this video I model for you something you should say to your clients and HOW to say it.

This is something incredibly important especially because all coaches, experts, teachers and consultants challenge our clients on several levels and it’s our job to do so. But challenging people is a big deal and it takes finesse, intuition and strategy to do well. And let’s face it…done wrong… well, people don’t like it!

However, you must challenge your clients from a place of believing in them and what they can accomplish or overcome, even when they don’t believe in themselves. THAT takes courage! That is inspirational ! That is the sign of a true and caring MASTER in their field.

In this video I give you the script of how my coaches and I explain to our clients what it means that we challenge them and why.

I guarantee using this script will leave your clients (or students!) feeling totally supported and inspired by someone holding that level of belief in them and what is possible. Yes, they will feel incredible and so will you!