Today I want to talk to you more directly and honestly than I ever have before.

In fact, in the video I made for you, I ask you to imagine that I am in your living room talking to just to you.

I want to show you why you are more powerful at this very point in your life than at any other time before.

In the first 3 mins, if you play along, you will experience indisputable evidence about yourself and what it is like to totally OWN that…

Then I have a challenge for you…it’s big and it’s about 2013, because I want this to be THE year you totally change the game for yourself!

Then at about 4 mins in, I ask you a VERY tough question…really a self-assessment…that some people won’t like. But I deeply feel it must be asked and I care about you and your mission, so dang it, I am asking the tough questions today!
(Plus I have dazzling graphics to astound you…try not to laugh).

I want you to know I have the deepest respect for you, all the work you have done in your life and on yourself…and I really do care!