Well I have this video that is a bit controversial…it’s something I say to people who have stepped into a new field as an expert of some kind….and they really want to move forward fast.

It goes against the popular wisdom, and is freaking some people out, but I think it is key advice and I would like to tell you why…check out my short video…

YUP, I said it! If you are a new coach of any kind (or consultant) , you may need to go out and do a whole bunch of free sessions!

What the “bleep”!!!! Free sessions?

Now, why would I say that? Am I crazy? Am I projecting fear and scarcity all over everyone?  Nope!

Here’s the thing, amazing and talented people jump in to the coaching field and they are so excited. They love it. They want to be a coach! And they should, it is an incredible field with growing demand and it’s reached a critical mass where the average everyday person could explain what coaches do – whether they are fitness or business or health, etc!

So, they go and get great training on how to be a coach and maybe even take a few more certifications just for good measure. And then, they often find themselves alone, in their home and town with no one to really work the material through and with. (I experienced that, oh ya I did!) And no money coming in!

So next they sign up for an awesome marketing program teaching them all these great strategies on how to market themselves and how to sell packages and sell a high ticket.

I teach programs like that and there is one big problem for these new coaches…in order to do everything I teach and really market yourself in a way that brings in great money and the best clients, you need to have the answers to a lot of questions!

But as a brand new coach sometimes they haven’t actually done enough client work to really have the sense of their unique process or what kind of problems or issues they specialize in solving or the benefits of coaching with them. Nor do they know who would be their perfect customer or what their niche is.

It is incredibly hard, actually impossible to know any of those things unless you have worked your craft through at least ten people.

So if you are a new coach, and you haven’t really worked with more than a couple of people, I am going to challenge you right now to do something that other people will tell you not to do! Go out and find some free sessions so that you can work a few people through the coaching processes you have learned or are developing.

Move heaven and earth to get more session work in so you can apply what you’ve learned and get that feedback from what they need, what they like, and which ones that you actually like working with.

Do more sessions – yes even if free or very low fee – so you can have the fabulous experience of seeing people you coach have an aha moment, make a real change, move forward! This will build your inner belief in your value and NATURAL confidence that we get from doing! Because there is a piece of confidence and inner belief in our value that we can only get from doing!

Now you can start to define who you want to work with, and what is your favorite part of this work, and what are the benefits of working with you. And now you will REALLY feel congruent when you talk about the benefit of your coaching and, hell yes, why you charge what you charge!!!!!

And then…oh yes, you will know how to market yourself and charge your worth big time! So if you’re a new coach, this is a big tip for you. Work your craft so you really become the expert and feel like an expert! Then OWN IT and speak it!
Then…you can use the fabulous marketing out there to make sure everybody else knows you’re an expert so you can get paid like an expert!