Welcome Inner Circle Members

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You are required to listen to the Rhys Method® Profiles Foundational Class before our first teleclass/webcast. Even if you have listened to it before, take the time to listen to it again because there is so much content that you will continue to pick new insights.
Right click the image and select “Save Link As” or “Save Target As” to download the recording. If your downloaded file does not play, please try the download again. Note that the file size is 80MB, if the file you’ve downloaded onto your computer is not that size, then there was probably an issue while you downloaded. If you still have an issue after

Additional Resources

As a member of Margaret’s Inner Circle, you are also being given access to the recorded calls specific to the profiles. Listening to these classes is NOT required for the program, but you might find it helpful to listen to the class about your specific profile.

– Knowledgable Achiever/RuleKeeper, 69MB

– Charismatic Leader/Enforcer, 70MB

– Team Player/People Pleaser, 70MB

– Emotional Intelligence Specialist/Poor Me, 71MB